this is why i dont run an irc network…

read at your own risk. its pretty stupid. but if you know why im sharing this, you know why im sharing this. not for any reason other than it’s amazing that this kind of thing happens, and all this energy! into this for ehhh! for what?! #freenode

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That's the beginning of the convo. 17:59:56 < milehigh-> being shady as all hell and non-transparent is going to get you zero support around here. 17:59:58 < brabo> “we are bringing power back to the people” – do you mean that? 18:00:03 < moonshin1> i do a lot of infra buying and stuff in my day job and millions of dollars into irc just doesn't make any sense 18:00:11 < zoite> rasengan, for future donations of millions of dollars, please route through me first, i will make sure it all gets reported on 18:00:12 < joepie91> “that's the full context, that's [thing that is not the full context]” 18:00:13 <@rasengan> Others have seen more of the convo. 18:00:13 < FLHerne> rasengan: Ok, but you have an uphill battle to convince people you're moving the right way :–) 18:00:16 < brabo> and do you think trying to bribe people with o:lines is the way to do that? 18:00:26 <@rasengan> FLHerne: I know. 18:00:28 < Tamara> so there's more of the convo that you haven't shared? 18:00:32 –!– thelounge98 [] has quit [Quit: Killed (Received SIGINT)] 18:00:37 < brabo> shouldn't you start by asking the community, the people, what they want? 18:00:48 <@rasengan> But I hope the merit and the text of the decentralization speak louder than the messenger, FLHerne. 18:01:02 <@rasengan> brabo: It's a proposal that's being presented 18:01:04 < squirrel> rasengan: how exactly did you donate to freenode? who was the recipient of the money? 18:01:09 <@rasengan> A request for comments so to speak. 18:01:15 < zoite> how do you decentralize the ownership of a domain name? 18:01:20 <@rasengan> squirrel: freenode limited who the volunteer staff operated 18:01:23 < brabo> rasengan: what proposal? 18:01:30 < wright> sorry no, where did the money go? 18:01:39 <@rasengan> brabo: the one from April that will be presented again today, this time to the whole of freenode not just tomaw. 18:01:45 < wright> volunteer staff and donated servers. where'd the money go? 18:01:53 < milehigh-> To be honest that text is way too little information to justify what you're trying to do here 18:02:00 < zoite> rasengan, are you using freenode to launder your money? 18:02:00 < milehigh-> more info please 18:02:07 < brabo> rasengan: i think you got things backwards, solliciting feedback from community should be stop #0 18:02:08 < wright> you can check the sponsor of each server by checking MOTD 18:02:11 < brabo> *step 18:02:12 < MIF> rasengan: I want to see this “proposal” with your name on it 18:02:13 –!– mefistofeles [~mefistofe@unaffiliated/mefistofeles] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account mefistofeles] [realname nile] 18:02:14 –!– pgimeno [~pgimeno@unaffiliated/pgimeno] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account pgimeno] [realname Pedro Gimeno] 18:02:23 < FLHerne> zoite: Presumably by transferring control to some non-profit with a significant number of directors representative of the wider community? 18:02:25 < milehigh-> are you a Fed? 18:02:31 < Tamara> personally I'm all for money laundering, you never know where a banknote's been 18:02:44 < MIF> ^lol 18:02:48 < brabo> Tamara: true, or coins :p 18:02:48 < zoite> isn't freenode a non-profit which already has a board? 18:02:48 < milehigh-> most Us currency has coke on it 18:02:50 < milehigh-> so ya 18:02:52 < Tamara> if a rich guy wants to use an irc net to wash some money, who are we to disagree 18:02:54 < FLHerne> rasengan: Isn't the sole director of Freenode Ltd. you? 18:02:56 < MIF> rasengan: I want to see this “proposal” with your name on it 18:02:57 < milehigh-> that means its been in a nose 18:02:58 < brabo> milehigh-: and hep c 18:03:03 < milehigh-> so now you have coronas and coke 18:03:10 < milehigh-> and the heps 18:03:13 < milehigh-> the 3 C's 18:03:14 <@rasengan> FLHerne: As of a few months ago due to christels' resignation, yes. 18:03:24 < FLHerne> MIF: Please stop repeating yourself, it's annoying and unhelpful 18:03:29 < joepie91> But I hope the merit and the text of the decentralization speak louder than the messenger, FLHerne. 18:03:29 < joepie91> yeah so see, this is exactly the problem, that text looks phrased SPECIFICALLY to screenshot without context and create a misleading narrative 18:03:37 < brabo> rasengan: and why do you think you represent this community of floss communities? 18:03:38 < wright> rasengan: i thought you said she was forced out 18:03:45 < joepie91> you know, specifically to imply that you're all in favour of decentralization while chasing the opposite 18:03:47 < wright> that doesn't sound like a resignation does it 18:03:48 <@rasengan> joepie91: Not that screenshot. 18:03:54 < Tamara> then what? 18:03:55 < milehigh-> joepie91: i agree 18:03:57 <@rasengan> joepie91: I'm talking about the actual proposal which will have an RFC period. 18:04:04 < joepie91> rasengan: okay, where is it 18:04:07 < milehigh-> then what other data are you presenting to justify this? 18:04:10 < brabo> it isn't there 18:04:11 < joepie91> and where is the RFC process documented 18:04:11 < Tamara> everything is wrong but you refuse to actually prove whatever is 'right' 18:04:14 < squirrel> rasengan: as far as i can tell, freenode staff seems to be not affiliated with freenode limited though? what exactly does freenode limited do? 18:04:14 < joepie91> and who makes the final decisions 18:04:17 <@rasengan> joepie91: It was drafted early april. It wasn't complete as we seeked tomaw's help for the initial proposal. 18:04:22 < brabo> he is scrambling to write something right now that seems like he's the good guy :p 18:04:25 <@rasengan> And then this all spiraled out of hand 18:04:27 < joepie91> rasengan: okay, so there is functionally no document 18:04:31 <@rasengan> so it's incomplete which is why I need some time and to discuss with people. 18:04:33 < milehigh-> i bet you're some piece of shit FED asset because freenode 18:04:37 <@rasengan> joepie91: there is a document 18:04:38 < wright> did it spiral out of hand when you tried to do a hostile takeover 18:04:40 < milehigh-> has had a target on its back for years 18:04:46 < milehigh-> ever since that shit that happened 18:04:48 < brabo> rasengan: then share the draft right now? 18:04:49 < joepie91> rasengan: you say there is a document. I frankly don't believe you 18:04:49 < MIF> rasengan: we, whois we? 18:04:50 < wright> at which moment in time did you realise this was going fucking terribly for you 18:04:55 < brabo> cause you do realize we don't believe you, right? 18:05:07 < FLHerne> milehigh-: Can you dial back the ludicrous allegations? 18:05:19 < FLHerne> They just detract from any real criticism :p 18:05:21 < milehigh-> Why 18:05:31 < [[> MIF: 19:05:05 freenode — | we: No such nick/channel 18:05:35 < MIF> lol 18:05:38 < milehigh-> lol 18:05:41 < rowbee> lol 18:05:42 < MIF> I am talking about 18:05:43 –!– [[ is now known as we 18:05:47 < joepie91> rasengan: and considering that all of the other staff seem pretty fucking vehemently opposed to you, it's not exactly a credible claim – or not even a real claim, just an implied claim – that you're doing this in cooperation with the community or even the staff 18:05:49 < Tamara> comrade we 18:06:14 –!– we is now known as Guest69082 18:06:16 –!– Guest69082 is now known as [[ 18:06:19 <@rasengan> joepie91: It was with tomaw and a mediator to be presented to the overall community. 18:06:29 < MIF> 1304:17 @rasengan │ joepie91: It was drafted early april. It wasn't complete as we seeked tomaw's help for the initial proposal. 18:06:30 < zoite> rasengan, why do you want to change what has been working for 20+ years? 18:06:31 < moonshin1> i'm still stuck on where the millions of dollars went 18:06:37 < joepie91> rasengan: like, very fundamentally, why should literally anybody care about your views on Freenode matters when you're not the one who's actually running it day-to-day? 18:06:44 < joepie91> rasengan: yeah, uh, that's not how “community engagement” works 18:06:45 < milehigh-> So wait, what happened with Tomaw? 18:06:46 < brabo> and we weren't invited as overall community? 18:06:50 < milehigh-> i heard about this and i want to hear your side 18:06:50 < brabo> hah 18:06:53 < FLHerne> moonshin1: I'm more stuck on the existence of the millions of dollars, tbh ;–) 18:06:59 < Tamara> community engagement is when you do cloak and dagger shite, the more you do the more engagement it is 18:07:02 < joepie91> rasengan: you don't write a thing and then ask the community to rubberstamp it 18:07:13 < Tamara> engaging with the community by popping up out of manhole covers in the dead of night 18:07:13 <@rasengan> I'm not asking anyone to rubberstamp anything right now. 18:07:25 < brabo> rasengan: help us believe you 18:07:29 < MIF> FLHerne: what millions of dollars 18:07:30 < brabo> produce this draft you say you have 18:07:31 < joepie91> rasengan: no, you're just telling us that you were planning to ask the community to do so in the future, which is really not any better 18:07:36 <@rasengan> brabo: 100%. 18:07:40 < brabo> we're waiting 18:08:02 < brabo> and over 5 minutes already, shouldn't be that complicated to make a paste eh? 18:08:03 < moonshin1> MIF: apparently running freenode costs millions of dollars 18:08:12 < MIF> it does not cost them anything 18:08:31 < joepie91> and I ask again: why should anybody care about what you have to say on the matter, considering that from a day-to-day operational perspective you are indistinguishable from any random Freenode user who sometimes comes online to ask a question? 18:08:31 < MIF> the staff is unpayed 18:08:33 < Tamara> most of the money has to be spent on money cleaning 18:08:39 < moonshin1> this is like some maltese falcon. 18:08:42 < Tamara> it's a bit of a paradox you know, the more money the more cocaine it's covered in 18:08:42 < milehigh-> MILLIONS 18:08:48 < moonshin1> sorry, obscure reference maybe 18:08:54 < milehigh-> holy shit rasengan ok so i do have an important question 18:08:55 < milehigh-> are you single 18:08:58 < joepie91> what gives you the legitimacy that you claim to have to speak in any kind of official or organizational capacity? 18:08:59 < wright> rasengan: if you donated millions then where is that reflected on the company's house filing history 18:08:59 < brabo> joepie91: nothing, but we should care about his bribe attempts to get prominent users on his side ;) 18:09:01 <@rasengan> brabo: I'm not going to paste something that's incomplete. 18:09:05 < squirrel> can i be an ircop pls? i only ask for $20k a month 18:09:08 < joepie91> milehigh-: let's not do that. 18:09:09 <@rasengan> brabo: But it started in april 3 and this will all be verified. 18:09:11 < brabo> rasengan: ok so then we do not believe you lol 18:09:20 < milehigh-> joepie91: what? i just want to know if he wants a future ex wife 18:09:22 < brabo> rasengan: keep hiding things from the community 18:09:26 <@rasengan> wright: not sure, we're trying to get this from the volunteer staff. 18:09:27 < brabo> surely more trust will be had 18:09:28 <@rasengan> brabo: Great. 18:09:29 < joepie91> rasengan: so that means there's no document. got it. 18:09:29 < milehigh-> i can take half of freenode for you guys 18:09:36 < wright> rasengan: no, you're the sole director of the company 18:09:40 < Tamara> strong recommendation to not marry him 18:09:41 < brabo> joepie91: exactly 18:09:45 < zoite> rasengan, do you own PIA? 18:09:49 < MIF> rasengan: I don't CARE if it is only the word “A” I want to see SOMETHING that says you and ANY freenode staff have agreed on this 18:09:52 < wright> rasengan: why are the accounts overdue and why does the filing history not reflect the “millions” you've invested in freenode? 18:09:53 <@rasengan> ok no document. great. 18:09:55 <@rasengan> zoite: no. 18:10:13 < MIF> wright: he is not going to answer that 18:10:15 < Tamara> lol this entire thing is just “just trust me bro” and you expect people to just do that 18:10:19 < brabo> rasengan: all we have so far are some words from some largely unknown person 18:10:20 < MIF> ^ 18:10:21 <@rasengan> wright: again, trying to get that from the freenode volunteer staff. 18:10:31 < wright> rasengan: no, you're the sole director of freenode limited 18:10:43 < zoite> i think we should trust him, he seems pretty reliable 18:10:46 <@rasengan> wright: exactly. 18:10:46 < Tamara> whatever else you are, you don't know when to stop digging your hole 18:10:48 < joepie91> lol 18:10:54 <@rasengan> I'm not digging a hole. 18:10:55 < brabo> Tamara++ 18:10:55 < MIF> lol 18:10:55 < wright> rasengan: i will ask you again, why have you, the sole director of freenode limited, not kept your accounts up to date and why does your company's filing history not express the “millions” you've donated 18:10:55 < milehigh-> Tamara: that's why my theory to marry him and steal half of freenode back is better 18:10:58 < brabo> rasengan: yea you are 18:10:58 <@rasengan> I've been saying the same thing the whole time. 18:11:02 < brabo> and you are falling in it 18:11:08 <@rasengan> wright: Good question. 18:11:08 < brabo> yeye 18:11:10 < wright> rasengan: where did the money go and why are they not reflecting in the company's accounts? 18:11:12 < FLHerne> rasengan: Given the “freenode volunteer staff” disavow all connection with the company, and you're the sole named director, I don't see why you'd need or want to ask them 18:11:13 < brabo> you have “proof” 18:11:15 < brabo> sure 18:11:18 <@rasengan> wright: As I explained, there is a major issue here. Hope you can report that to the companies house! 18:11:19 < joepie91> and I ask again: why should anybody care about what you have to say on the matter, considering that from a day-to-day operational perspective you are indistinguishable from any random Freenode user who sometimes comes online to ask a question? 18:11:20 < joepie91> what gives you the legitimacy that you claim to have to speak in any kind of official or organizational capacity? 18:11:25 < Tamara> i am not digging a hole, i continue to insist, as i fall into lava 18:11:26 < brabo> just can't quite reproduce it when asked for it 18:11:33 < zoite> rasengan, when you said you donated millions did you mean dollars or thoughts and prayers? 18:11:42 < squirrel> rasengan: you are a sole director of freenode limited and you donated millions to freenode limited, and you want freenode volunteers to explain where the money went? 18:11:45 <@rasengan> zoite: dollars. 18:11:47 < wright> rasengan: the isssue is your responsibiltiy as currently the sole director of the company and long-term the majority share holder 18:11:50 < milehigh-> how many 18:11:52 –!– deceit [~deceit@gateway/shell/hashbang/x-xlfccnrihaayutpu] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account deceit] [realname deceit] 18:11:55 < milehigh-> rasengan: give us a dollar amount 18:11:56 < zoite> so do you have a record of this? 18:12:02 < zoite> did you get a receipt 18:12:02 < FLHerne> rasengan: I know the duties of a director, and one of the key ones is not having to ask an amorphous group of anonymous non-employees about the disposition of large sums of money 18:12:03 < milehigh-> 1 mil, 2 mil, 100 mil? 18:12:07 < Tamara> it doesn't matter if you're consistently shady, the longer you're shady the more exposure you get and the more material people have 18:12:15 <@rasengan> FLherne: Good point. 18:12:20 < moonshin1> seriously, it's tragic if you donated that much money and don't know how it was spent. i mean, thanks, but it just creates so many questions instead of answering any 18:12:29 < wright> rasengan: so you're telling me you can't tell me where the money you gave freenode went and you can't explain why you've not filed your accounts to reflect all that money you claim 18:12:33 < milehigh-> you DO realize how autist people here are and they're going to find EVERYTHING you're hiding right 18:12:38 < FLHerne> rasengan: If that's actually true, it still doesn't reflect well 18:12:47 < milehigh-> any lies will be put on blast 18:12:59 <@rasengan> moonshin1: I know. ask every open source org i donated to if i asked them what they did with it. I trusted them. 18:13:01 –!– Thedarkb-Desktop [~beno@2001:bb6:b404:188f:4df5:c58f:15d0:2af8] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Thedarkb] [realname realname] 18:13:05 < brabo> milehigh-: we should make a chan for this op ;) 18:13:10 < wright> rasengan: it sounds to me like you might have admitted to tax avoidance 18:13:12 <@rasengan> milehigh: I'm not finding anything. 18:13:12 < milehigh-> you trusted them 18:13:14 <@rasengan> hiding* 18:13:14 < milehigh-> with millions 18:13:21 <@rasengan> So feel free to find anything you all can. 18:13:25 < milehigh-> good 18:13:31 < milehigh-> i sure hope for your sake you're not 18:13:34 < joepie91> rasengan: you seem to be implying that you “donating” money entitles you to a management position 18:13:35 < milehigh-> because they will eat you alive 18:13:38 < zoite> rasengan, do you own freenode then, if you're the owner of freenode ltd? 18:13:42 < FLHerne> So my choices are that you're lying about the existence of this money, or a sequence of improbable events has occurred and you're an ineffective and gullible director 18:13:42 <@rasengan> joepie91: no 18:13:48 < FLHerne> Neither of those makes me trust you 18:13:50 < MIF> rasengan: you still failed to show a SCRAP of evidence that anything you say is tryue 18:13:50 <@rasengan> im saying i dont know what happened to the money because after i donated it 18:13:54 <@rasengan> i didnt ask what they did with it. 18:14:02 < moonshin1> who did you write the checks to? 18:14:04 < moonshin1> tomaw? 18:14:04 < Tamara> I don't know if there even are any particularly special ulterior motives, rich guy does rich guy things 18:14:09 < wright> rasengan: can you show me the accounts that reflect the money being donated? 18:14:19 –!– Noisytoot [noisytoot@fsf/member/Noisytoot] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Noisytoot] [realname Ron] 18:14:24 < joepie91> rasengan: okay, so then why are we talking about the donations at all, when the actual matter at hand is about your legitimacy (or rather, lack thereof) as someone with any power over how Freenode is run? 18:14:32 <@rasengan> I don't know tbh 18:14:34 <@rasengan> Everyone keeps asking me 18:14:35 <@rasengan> If I 18:14:39 <@rasengan> If I'm laundering money haha 18:14:43 < wright> you weren't prepared for this were you 18:14:44 <@rasengan> So I'm just explaining and answering. That's all. 18:14:44 < MIF> rasengan: I was told by STAFF that freenode does not take any moeny 18:14:51 < brabo> rasengan: if it wasn't clear to you yet: unless you provide the community with at least shreds of proof, no one is buying your story 18:14:52 <@rasengan> wright: For what? 18:14:54 < joepie91> rasengan: okay, so let's forget about the money then, and return to my earlier questions 18:14:57 < MIF> that they don't need to pay ANYbody 18:15:01 < joepie91> and I ask again: why should anybody care about what you have to say on the matter, considering that from a day-to-day operational perspective you are indistinguishable from any random Freenode user who sometimes comes online to ask a question? 18:15:01 < joepie91> what gives you the legitimacy that you claim to have to speak in any kind of official or organizational capacity? 18:15:29 <@rasengan> but wright to be clear i mean the list will come later if you so wish when someone can compile it but just look at ? does that show that freenode took no money? 18:15:38 < FLHerne> joepie91: Basically, that he's sole director of Freenode Ltd., and Freenode Ltd. owns the domain 18:15:46 < joepie91> or, more bluntly: you don't actually run the network. why are your views on the network more important than those of any other? 18:15:46 < FLHerne> joepie91: That gives him de facto control 18:16:01 < FLHerne> I don't see that it gives him any moral authority, which is what worries me 18:16:02 < wright> rasengan: i'm not saying no money, i'm saying “millions” seems unlikely 18:16:06 <@rasengan> jjoepie91: I have an issue with my solitary control.. and thats why i tried to solve in april. 18:16:07 < moonshin1> surely you have at least an accountant on retainer who could answer that for you. i just think if you could put all of those facts on the table about money, who got it, and what you did after, that would be helpful 18:16:08 < wright> did you lose a couple of hundred thousand? 18:16:19 < joepie91> rasengan: but you don't have control, as far as I can tell. 18:16:23 <@rasengan> joepie91: I do. 18:16:29 < wright> what do you control? 18:16:30 < joepie91> okay, what exactly do you control then? 18:16:33 < milehigh-> so if you've been our benefactor for this whole time and you obviously dont know jack about how we operate, what makes you think you're going to make changes for the better, and that you've earned the spot you're trying to have? 18:16:41 <@rasengan> DNS, services, etc. 18:16:43 < wright> what access do you have? how come you've had to ask for kevinp to get access? 18:16:47 <@rasengan> I was simply locked out of access to everything. 18:16:52 < wright> how did you have access to services? 18:16:55 < FLHerne> For ten years? 18:16:57 < Tamara> idk why you seem super trustworthy 18:16:58 < joepie91> rasengan: last I checked, the infrastructure was sponsored 18:17:02 < Tamara> i'd totally give you access to everything 18:17:05 < wright> surely you could have given that to kevinp without having to ask publicly 18:17:20 < joepie91> rasengan: and okay, so — you're locked out, which means you cannot control those things. which means that the problem of your solitary control is solved. yes? 18:17:35 < zoite> rasengan, by millions of dollars donated are you referring to the bribes talked about here? 18:17:38 <@rasengan> wright: You don't seem to have enough information about this to ask questions that will help but I can clearly see you have an inquisitive mind to be able to help this discussion once you do. Please try to read up on everything that's been published thus far – from both sides. 18:17:44 –!– madgoose [~madgoose@] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname Honk] 18:18:00 <@rasengan> zoite: That's not me. 18:18:10 < wright> give me the information! i'm all ears 18:18:18 < zoite> but he works for you right? 18:18:21 < wright> through what mechanism did you have access to services? 18:18:44 < joepie91> like, if the problem is your solitary control over Freenode-related infrastructure, and your control over those has been removed by locking you out — then it feels to me like the case is closed, and you can fade back into obscurity and let the opers run the network as before 18:18:55 < wright> please facilitate my inquisitive mind 18:19:11 < milehigh-> read up on everything ? 18:19:16 < milehigh-> you mean the single text you provided 18:19:21 < MIF> wright: he is not going to answer and thing that he NEEDS to show some proof 18:19:22 < milehigh-> yes we've read up 18:19:28 < MIF> what text milehigh- 18:19:37 < milehigh-> scroll up 18:19:50 < milehigh-> 18:19:58 < MIF> mt 18:19:59 < milehigh-> that's our proof 18:20:06 < MIF> you think I am joking?/mt 18:20:11 < milehigh-> phew, look at all that proof 18:20:21 < MIF> lol 18:20:23 < milehigh-> damn 18:20:28 < milehigh-> i'm just inundated wit hPROOF 18:20:30 < MIF> unexpectedly closed the connection. 18:20:32 < zoite> he signs his texts with 'xx' what else do you need to know to prove he's trustworthy? 18:20:58 < MIF> The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. 18:21:11 < milehigh-> ah well 18:21:17 < milehigh-> i just so happen to still have it open 18:21:19 < zoite> i think you forgot the port MIF 18:21:25 < MIF> I had it before 18:21:30 < milehigh-> 18:21:35 < milehigh-> there you go! 18:21:59 <@rasengan> yo MIF 18:22:00 < Tamara> freenode having freenode domains is going to be huge for freenode :^ 18:22:03 <@rasengan> you gotta add :9000 bro 18:22:06 < Tamara> hope we can set some precedence :^^^ 18:22:35 < MIF> rasengan: 1 I did and 2 is that text messaging? 18:22:45 < milehigh-> 09:59:56 <@jess> imagine having a bunch of money and still getting absolutely owned like this 18:23:25 <@rasengan> haha 18:23:33 < Tamara> milehigh-: can you not 18:23:42 < MIF> rasengan: who where you talking to when you said 18:23:53 –!– Anastasius [Anastasius@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/anastasius] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Anastasius] [realname Anastasius] 18:23:59 –!– dont|panic [~Tks4Fish@wikipedia/Tks4Fish] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Tks4Fish] [realname Tks4Fish via IRC873] 18:24:05 < moonshin1> rasengan: you probably have a team around you, i'm not sure why you have't had them put a file together on this and run it through legal and then drop it on github, that will make your relationship and investment with freenode clear 18:24:16 < joepie91> rasengan: and okay, so — you're locked out, which means you cannot control those things. which means that the problem of your solitary control is solved. yes? 18:24:17 < joepie91> like, if the problem is your solitary control over Freenode-related infrastructure, and your control over those has been removed by locking you out — then it feels to me like the case is closed, and you can fade back into obscurity and let the opers run the network as before 18:24:18 < Tamara> if a rich guy wants to play out a power fantasy, I think it's probably better not to feed it 18:24:28 < Tamara> you know i think joepie91 makes some good points here 18:24:42 < Tamara> wonder why they haven't been answered – we can only imagine! 18:25:11 < MIF> because rasengan is not going to answer anything that requires proof because he does not have any 18:25:25 < Tamara> i'm sure he'll offer some convincing proof any moment now 18:26:19 < MIF> like that “proposel” 18:26:25 –!– rorx [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account rorx] [realname Rory] 18:26:26 < MIF> that 1. is not real 18:26:37 < MIF> 2. is prob not past A preposal 18:26:58 < Tamara> I can't really understand how he expected this to go 18:27:00 < MIF> 3. I want to see it, with both YOUR and some freenode staff's name on it 18:27:03 –!– asdflkjsh [asdflkj@gateway/shell/ircnow/x-ssalrysnaebgcgue] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account asdflkj] [realname asdflkj] 18:27:16 < MIF> rasengan: you better give that to me 18:27:17 < brabo> MIF: indeed 18:27:23 < brabo> but we all know that'll never happen! 18:27:27 < MIF> Yep 18:27:30 < MIF> because it is a LIE 18:27:45 < MIF> and I DON'T care that it is not finished 18:27:51 < Tamara> the proof will be forthcoming momentarily I'm sure 18:27:55 < brabo> though we should be thankful of rasengan for the weekend entertainment and giving us something to channel our frustrations with the world into! 18:27:58 < MIF> (he is prob writing it right now) 18:28:06 < Tamara> the lapse in messages from him is him putting it together in ms paint 18:28:11 <@rasengan> I’m not writing anything. 18:28:17 < MIF> you just did 18:28:17 <@rasengan> I’m in the restroom 18:28:23 < Tamara> exactly you're doing it freehand with a pencil tool eesh 18:28:25 <@rasengan> i mean not writing that doc you said lol 18:28:42 < Tamara> who takes ms paint into the bathroom with them anyway 18:28:49 < Tamara> is this a rich person thing i'm not getting 18:28:59 <@rasengan> haha 18:29:16 < milehigh-> maybe he has affluenza 18:29:23 <@rasengan> thank you all too though. Your passion to freenode makes me know that even if I have to be blamed as some enemy to get it done – decentralizing freenode is the right move. 18:29:39 < Tamara> this is some doublethought shite 18:29:44 < brabo> rasengan: no, what we want is for you to back the fuck off and leave this community in peace 18:29:44 < Tamara> either that or a troll 18:29:45 < milehigh-> way to be a sociopath but ok 18:29:53 <@rasengan> Lol wut 18:29:53 < joepie91> rasengan: you didn't answer my question 18:30:10 < Tamara> indeed he didn't answer the question 18:30:11 <@rasengan> brabo I’m trying to bring peace to the community from a threat. 18:30:13 < brabo> joepie91: that's the deflect part of darvo ;) 18:30:21 < Tamara> in what world are you not the threat here 18:30:26 < joepie91> only threat I see here is you 18:30:46 <@rasengan> That’s not what freenode said to me the past 6 years or so 18:30:46 < MIF> Tamara: sadily staff have confirmed that he is not a troll 18:30:51 < brabo> rasengan: doesn't quite look like that, and your empty promises of proof and docs, yeah you don't seem to be able to rpoduce that so. why would anyone believe one word of what you say? ;) 18:30:53 <@rasengan> only when I tried to stop the domain theft. 18:31:04 < joepie91> and again, you have failed to answer my question 18:31:04 <@rasengan> Brabo – don’t believe me 18:31:09 < brabo> this just fits perfect with your reputation 18:31:09 < Anastasius> Hi MIF! 18:31:11 < milehigh-> who the fuck even are you 18:31:13 < MIF> hey Anastasius 18:31:16 < FLHerne> What the others said 18:31:18 < Tamara> answer joepie91 18:31:23 < Anastasius> Hi joepie91! 18:31:25 < brabo> answer joepie91 18:31:26 < FLHerne> rasengan: Domain theft? 18:31:30 * joepie91 waves 18:31:32 –!– [[ [~noisytoot@fsf/member/Noisytoot] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds] 18:31:39 < MIF> oh Anastasius asdflkjsh I told rasengan that if he shows his face on my network he WILL get banned 18:31:58 –!– Ultrasauce [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account GargantuaSauce] [realname sauce] 18:32:06 < MIF> did I tell you that Anastasius 18:32:08 < MIF> err rasengan 18:32:10 < Anastasius> I dun even know who that is. 18:32:18 < FLHerne> rasengan: So far, your logs show that tomaw had control of the domain with the agreement of other ops, and he's since ceded it to you? 18:32:22 < MIF> he is trying to take over freenode 18:32:32 <@rasengan> joepie91: The answer to your question if I'm asnswering the right one is that control was STOLEN from freenode limited. 18:32:35 < FLHerne> I don't see where the “theft” is supposed to have taken place 18:32:46 <@rasengan> FLHerne: No. I had control. tomaw ceased and locked me out. 18:32:53 <@rasengan> Err Freenode limited control rather* 18:32:58 < brabo> haha 18:33:01 < brabo> nice slip there 18:33:03 < brabo> ;) 18:33:04 <@rasengan> not a slip 18:33:09 <@rasengan> I am in control of freenode limited. 18:33:10 < MIF> brabo: lol 18:33:13 < joepie91> rasengan: that's not what I asked. I asked you to confirm that if a) the problem is your centralized control, and b) you no longer have control because you have been locked out, then –> the problem is solved and the case is closed, right? 18:33:14 < Tamara> right so the 'domain theft' you're talking about is someone trying to deny you control of something that you should not have control of 18:33:16 < Tamara> cool cool 18:33:21 < JimBuntu> rasengan: please re-state your statements that had err in them 18:33:24 < MIF> oh my dog says GET OFF FREENODE 18:33:31 < FLHerne> rasengan: Why are you in control of Freenode Ltd, and why is Freenode Ltd in control of the domain? 18:33:37 < brabo> rasengan: yeah and maybe no one is interested in what you want to feel you have control over, last of it being this network? ;) 18:33:37 <@rasengan> joepie91: No. 18:33:40 < rorx> is the contention here mostly about a lack of transparency? 18:33:41 < joepie91> I mean, it was your own words that the problem was that you had control 18:33:53 < joepie91> rasengan: okay, why not? 18:33:55 < brabo> you are white-knighting 18:34:04 < MIF> brabo: what? 18:34:10 <@rasengan> joepie91: It wasn't just me, but rather the problem is that individuals CAN have control of the network. 18:34:14 <@rasengan> I simply wish to decentralize that control. 18:34:22 < brabo> playing the white knight in shining armor here to save us all poorly oppressed 18:34:27 < MIF> rasengan: as far was we know the STAFF are in control 18:34:28 <@rasengan> brabo: haha 18:34:29 < MIF> not you 18:34:33 –!– amg [ghebo@unaffiliated/amg] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account amg] [realname amg] 18:34:37 < Tamara> you have it and you're deliberately maintaining it 18:34:44 < Tamara> this 'decentralise' talk is hogwash 18:34:45 <@rasengan> brabo: Either way you can think what you want. There's a lot of people in here sort of attacking me without really letting me get any words in so it might appear a certain way. 18:34:47 <@rasengan> But the truth will come out. 18:34:51 < brabo> and before today most had never heard about you, and if they did, there was nothing good in what they heard 18:34:58 < MIF> ^ 18:35:00 <@rasengan> brabo: ok. 18:35:02 < joepie91> rasengan: last I checked, the network was controlled by many parties already, not a single one, and so this is a non-issue – the only issue being that the domain specifically was controlled by you, as someone who is not actually involved in network operations, and that problem has since been rectified 18:35:02 < Tamara> I'd prefer that control were ceded to a completely random person in here rather than you having it 18:35:12 <@rasengan> joepie91: That's not true. 18:35:18 <@rasengan> Tamara: Oh, okay. 18:35:20 <@rasengan> Noted. 18:35:24 < JimBuntu> Tamara: dibs 18:35:30 < brabo> so keep trying to play your power games. best case scenario you'll have a shiny empty irc network with no one there as your own little feifdom 18:35:31 < Tamara> auction time! 18:35:33 < joepie91> rasengan: what's “not true” about it, exactly? 18:35:37 <@rasengan> Power? 18:35:38 < brabo> plus a shitload of gdpr delete requests to handle 18:35:39 < FLHerne> rasengan: Decentralise it into what? Clearly a company with one director, who by your own admission hasn't been closely involved in running the network until now, isn't going to be seen as decentralised 18:35:43 < MIF> Tamara: 100 Million dollers 18:35:43 <@rasengan> IRC and power don't exactly coincide together. 18:35:45 < joepie91> Tamara: I bid three wrongly-namespaced channels 18:35:51 < MIF> rasengan: ever heard of a OP 18:35:52 < Tamara> joepie91: oooooooh now that's a tempting oine 18:35:54 < brabo> rasengan: and yet here we are, eh? 18:35:56 < MIF> what about the @ by your name 18:36:12 < MIF> Tamara: I bid 5 18:36:22 < brabo> MIF: i bid 6 18:36:30 < MIF> 100 18:36:33 < Tamara> decentralisation, in general, is a good ideal, but I think here it plays second fiddle to the fact that if one person controls it, it shouldn't be one person who's obviously lying 18:36:34 < joepie91> I bid an exclusive ~ mode 18:36:39 < joepie91> rasengan: what's “not true” about it, exactly? 18:36:52 < moonshin1> to me this just seems like naming rights issue. i don't want to think cynically that someone wants to stick a sponsor labels all over everything, but the endgame isn't transparent 18:37:02 < Tamara> exclusive ~ vs the number 5 oh now this is hard to decide on 18:37:04 < Tamara> any more bids? 18:37:15 < milehigh-> tell me about your plans about decentralizing, because i too am for that sort of thing, if done right. 18:37:25 < moonshin1> but if it is just about who controls the name, the users just defect to another network 18:37:27 < MIF> Tamara: 5 servers + 5 channels that are named wrong and 5 million Bitcoin 18:37:31 < joepie91> Tamara: I think rasengan has some o-line bribes to offer 18:37:35 < MIF> and if I get a O line rasengan will be the first to go 18:37:36 < FLHerne> rasengan: Tomaw had control by consent of the many ops who've actually been running the network for the last decade; whether or not that aligns with how you see the legal ownership, it seems much more in line with “decentralised community control” 18:37:46 < milehigh-> and why are you saying you've donated millions with nothing to back yourself up? why not get to the point and explain what you're trying to do so we UNDERSTAND WHAT/WHO the fuck you are 18:37:48 < brabo> joepie91: he has, but only if you can manage to believe him! 18:38:15 < Tamara> MIF: idk what would i do with that many bitcoins, melt them down? nah, joepie91 takes this one with the oline bribes 18:38:22 < joepie91> milehigh-: far as I can tell, Freenode already is decentralized to the degree to which that is technically possible, and the claims about “wanting to decentralized Freenode” are nothing but hot air meant to disguise an attempt at taking over 18:38:30 < brabo> also, just to say: a donation means you do not own the monies anymore, or have any say in what happens with it.. 18:38:33 < Tamara> now who can do better than some oline bribes vote now on your phones 18:38:44 < slimdaddy> “If I was the one running the USSR instead of Stalin, I would have brought in the utopia and not murdered millions of people” > give me power over freenode because I’ll make it decentralized 18:38:54 < slimdaddy> yeah ok bud 18:38:55 < milehigh-> joepie91: right 18:39:00 < joepie91> and, crucially, it wasn't rasengan who accomplished that existing degree of decentralization 18:39:03 < milehigh-> that's why i want him to SPLAIN, LUCY 18:39:12 < moonshin1> usually donors who are in the 6 zeros club expect to get a seat at some kind of table 18:39:14 < Tamara> freenode's glorious leader with sole control promises democracy, and I say, maybe we should believe him 18:39:20 < MIF> but Tamara my first kline would be rasengan 18:39:23 < MIF> :( 18:39:29 < joepie91> milehigh-: right, just wanted to make sure his empty promises were not mistaken for legitimate ideals :) 18:39:34 < milehigh-> indeed 18:39:42 < brabo> Tamara: yeah, those people always are to be believed 18:39:49 < brabo> nothing could ever go wrong there 18:39:51 < Tamara> brabo: exactly, glad we're on the same page 18:39:59 < Tamara> all hail our new god emperor 18:39:59 <@rasengan> I think you all have a really big misunderstanding of how IRC networks work. Freenode is far from decentralized. 18:40:01 < slimdaddy> cant even write multiple sentences without frantic typos, nor coherent arguments. Not to mention passive aggressive and snide remarks, while threatening staff as well 18:40:02 < brabo> he's just saving us from the evil opers 18:40:02 <@rasengan> And that's the problem. 18:40:04 < milehigh-> I heard every corporate takeover of an entity has always gone well 18:40:11 < brabo> e.g. white-knighting 18:40:13 < Tamara> oh right so the problem with irc networks is irc 18:40:16 < milehigh-> nothing corrupt of bad ever happened when they come all secretively and shadily 18:40:23 < wright> can you try to take over matrix instead so you can kill that instead 18:40:25 < milehigh-> or* 18:40:31 < milehigh-> wright: lol 18:40:34 < wright> if you're so hot on decentralisation 18:40:36 <@rasengan> moonshin1: You can see I've donated to so many orgs and never asked for a board seat so that doesn't apply here. 18:40:40 < brabo> wright: oh all you need to do is get matthew alone in a dark room 18:40:42 < rorx> what are the network assets? I thought all servers which, I would think is the great majority of the assets, are owned by those respected volunteers who wish to provide connectivity. beyond that, the network provides staff that controls those servers “IRC and up” and that's it.. so beyond staff choices, what else about it is “centralized”? 18:40:44 < slimdaddy> eat shit rasengan, simp somewhere else or make your own foss on matrix 18:40:47 –!– slimdaddy [~OwO@unaffiliated/thiccdaddy] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [“The Lounge –"] 18:40:53 < Tamara> oh right cool so donating to other things entitles you to fuck over this one 18:40:56 <@rasengan> no 18:41:11 < brabo> Tamara: nono, you forgot, he's just saving us 18:41:12 <@rasengan> I'm just giving an example to what moonshin1 said as it relates to donors expecting board seats. I don't. 18:41:14 < moonshin1> rasengan: do you have a list of your donations somewhere? sorry if i missed that somewhere 18:41:15 < MIF> rasengan: I demand that you answer this 18:41:15 < milehigh-> What's the end game here? 18:41:17 < Tamara> having money and doing different things with it under different circumstances doesn't say anything to us 18:41:17 < joepie91> rasengan: hi, I ran an IRC network, have helped rearchitect another to mitigate significant abuse issues, and know multiple of the Freenode opers personally. I think I might have a bit of a clue about how IRC networks work 18:41:17 < MIF> 11. I get a lawyer and tomaw says he understands and is sorry etc 18:41:19 < MIF> and sends me a letter. 18:41:22 < brabo> sooper dooper cereal you guys! 18:41:32 < MIF> what letter 18:41:33 <@rasengan> moonshin1: No, I don't keep track. However, I'm sure if you ask any of the orgs they'll tell you? 18:41:34 < Tamara> nah what would joe pie 91 know here 18:41:42 < Tamara> joe pie ninety one what kind of a name even is that 18:41:43 < zoite> rasengan, if you donate to me i will say nothing but nice things about you 18:41:54 <@rasengan> eff, gnome, fftf, krita, apache, sf freedom conservancy, etc.? ;o 18:41:55 < moonshin1> rasengan: have you donated to oftc, offhand? 18:41:57 < milehigh-> damn joepie91 drop the mic 18:42:04 < MIF> I don't accept bribes 18:42:04 <@rasengan> moonshin1 offered it but never did it since nobody responded 18:42:11 < milehigh-> lol 18:42:20 < brabo> Tamara: hahaha right, who ever heard of joe pie before? 18:42:22 < milehigh-> frankly maybe you should listen and answer joepie91
18:42:24 < brabo> joepie91: ;) 18:42:28 < zoite> i DO accept bribes, if anyone is offering 18:42:29 < Tamara> brabo: joe pie more like joe mama 18:42:31 < Tamara> fucking gottem 18:42:32 < milehigh-> to what joepie91 is saying i mean * 18:42:38 <@rasengan> joepie91 Great. I know you know IRC. 18:42:44 < MIF> and Please note that if rasengan every says that he controls Sturtz Network or Sturtz IRC he is ling 18:42:45 < Tamara> i'll happily take bribes in units of 100k eur 18:42:49 < milehigh-> great, we dont know that YOU do. rasengan 18:42:52 < Tamara> i think this calls for five bribes 18:42:59 < milehigh-> fucking arrogance this of this asshole 18:43:00 < wright> sorry rasengan was that “[..] relates to donors expecting board seats. I don't.” 18:43:03 <@rasengan> milehigh : maybe i dont. 18:43:05 < brabo> i want ten or no dice 18:43:07 < milehigh-> obviously 18:43:12 < moonshin1> rasengan: that's cool if you have. if you have relationships with people at eff, it would make sense to ask them for an opinion on this situation 18:43:15 < joepie91> rasengan: great, so then we can conclude that your earlier claim that we must misunderstand IRC if we believe Freenode is decentralized, is false 18:43:15 < wright> 17:54:16 < rasengan> Hey Freenode Staff! Hope you're well. A message from the official board of Freenode Limited, owner of the freenode IRC network: [...] 18:43:24 <@rasengan> moonshin1: I don't want to pull people into this but you can if you wish to 18:43:32 < Tamara> the sheer arrogance is p cool i for one trust someone like this running things 18:43:33 –!– deceit is now known as deceet 18:43:58 < brabo> rasengan: well, those orgs you claim, it can be verified ;) 18:43:59 < moonshin1> rasengan: i'm not a party to this dispute 18:44:00 < milehigh-> me too 18:44:10 <@rasengan> brabo: yes it can. 18:44:13 < Tamara> all I really know about this is how I've seen you act and you act like a slimy fucker 18:44:15 <@rasengan> moonshin1: feel free. 18:44:19 < milehigh-> ooh are we verifying things 18:44:20 < wright> another one andrew can you confirm this is your account 18:44:24 –!– not-joepie91 [~not-sven@2001:985:2c31:1:b837:2762:66d:ceed] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname not-joepie91] 18:44:24 –!– deceit [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account deceit] [realname michael m.] 18:44:25 –!– gallifrey [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname jonathan] 18:44:26 < milehigh-> LET'S VERIFY PLEASE 18:44:27 <@rasengan> thats not my account wright 18:44:29 <@rasengan> i dont have twitter. 18:44:34 < brabo> hah 18:44:36 < brabo> right 18:44:41 <@rasengan> ... 18:44:48 < launchd> so who wants to impersonate you then 18:44:54 –!– deceet [~deceit@gateway/shell/hashbang/x-xlfccnrihaayutpu] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [] 18:44:54 <@rasengan> nobody's impoersonating me. 18:44:56 <@rasengan> thats a different person. 18:45:02 < Tamara> multiple people can be called andrew lee and be assholes 18:45:04 < Tamara> eesh 18:45:08 < launchd> hmm 18:45:18 < MIF> oh hey launchd 18:45:27 < wright> sorry andrew are there 2 andrew lees that work for handshake 18:45:29 –!– slinger [~slinger@gateway/tor-sasl/slinger] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account slinger] [realname slinger] 18:45:31 < wright> if this isn't an impersonation account 18:45:45 <@rasengan> wright: yes. 18:45:54 < MIF> HAHAHA Sure 18:45:58 < Tamara> are you sure it's not more andrew lees than that 18:45:59 –!– jan6 [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account jan6] [realname all hail ##jan6] 18:46:06 < moonshin1> rasengan: i mean it would be nice to have actual lawyers give an informed opinion here (eff particularly) but since i'm not party to this or a major eff donor, my ask isn't going to get much traction 18:46:08 <@rasengan> Tamara: I answered his specific question. 18:46:11 –!– parazyd [~parazyd@devuan/developer/parazyd] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account parazyd] [realname parazyd] 18:46:13 < Tamara> awful lot of andrew lees around these days 18:46:35 < MIF> rasengan: you sill did not answer mine 18:47:12 <@rasengan> what letter? is that what youre asking 18:47:22 < zoite> is doxxing allowed on freenode? i thought it was frowned upon 18:47:37 < brabo> Tamara: mr andrew lee – Found 1807 similar entities from 24 datasets 18:47:43 < Tamara> who's doxing who? 18:47:47 < slinger> it’s not allowed 18:47:47 < joepie91> rorx: you are basically correct, by the way. the freenode servers are physically operated by those organizations which sponsor them, though the system administration side is handled by the team of freenode opers, which consists of multiple people. the only really centralized part here, as far as I can tell, is the domain – which is unavoidable, that's how the domain name system works, and so the more important 18:47:47 < joepie91> question is who has control over that. and it seems clear to me that the answer is “not this guy” 18:47:50 < Tamara> brabo: damn 18:48:05 < brabo> that's from occrp 18:48:56 < MIF> rasengan: 1) how did you come to your “power” 2) Where is this “proposel” 3) Can we see a copy of the letter you sent? 4) why has most of freenode staff not heard of you 5) what is your favorite food 18:49:11 < joepie91> rorx: s/who has control over that/who should have control over that/ 18:49:24 < joepie91> though right now it doesn't make a difference, since he's locked out 18:50:06 < MIF> how so? 18:50:10 < zoite> joepie91, well it sounds like at some point rasengan did have control over the domain 18:50:14 <@rasengan> 1) i have no power 2) its in gdocs and dated, cant be faked 3) yes soon like i said it will be today currentlyl there are other things taking place 4) they all (all the ones from pre 2021) 5) probably kalbee tang. 18:50:16 < zoite> so why did he have control and why was it taken away 18:50:34 < Tamara> the strong consensus here seems to be that he should not have control, if we're going to talk about decentralisation that seems like a good start 18:50:51 < joepie91> zoite: correct, at one point he did have control over the domain. that is no longer the case as he was locked out, apparently by an oper. 18:50:51 <@rasengan> 18:50:54 < MIF> rasengan: then send it to me and gdocs can me faked 18:51:05 < zoite> right but why, what did he do to warrant that 18:51:07 < wright> “i have no power” < rasengan> Fuchs: The freenode limited board does not recognize you as a volunteer or any staff or operator of freenode. Please remove yourself from ops and operator status. Thank you. 18:51:16 < zoite> we are missing some important details here 18:51:41 <@rasengan> there are things you have all said and asked that youre going to be in disagreement with me. but after you read tha tlatter at least some of the falsehoods are answered and we can be more constructive. 18:51:51 < Tamara> That looks like a letter written on the back of legal threats 18:51:56 < brabo> rasengan: ah so, an error happens and you start sending your lawyers on the case? 18:51:57 < joepie91> zoite: oh, lots of details are missing here for sure. though mainly on rasengan's side 18:51:57 < Tamara> am I meant to think better of you for it 18:52:00 < wright> < rasengan> As I'm sure you have taken the time now to digest the messages — as you all know, I am the man of second, third, and infinite chances. I love this world, I love freenode and I'm going to continue doing everything I can to stay true to who I have strived to be. This won't make me waiver. If any current or former staff wishes to talk this 18:52:05 < slinger> falsehoods answered with more falsehoods? 18:52:06 < brabo> still looking like the bad guy here ;) 18:52:10 <@rasengan> tamara: it was a legal letter sent and he responded with his lawyer one way 18:52:14 <@rasengan> and then he separate sent that to me. 18:52:27 < MIF> rasengan: do you have any soicils 18:52:27 < Tamara> lol 18:52:36 < brabo> ofc someone will lawyer up if you use your lawyers to send letters instead of talking to them.. 18:52:41 <@rasengan> zoite; i showed u the origiunal msg 18:52:43 < wright> rasengan: so you're engaged with tomaw through lawyers? 18:52:44 –!– CTech [ComputerTe@unaffiliated/computertech] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account ComputerTech] [realname ZNC by ##bnc4you] 18:52:48 < MIF> hey catgirl 18:52:50 <@rasengan> that took place april 3 or whatever when he attempted to cease access to the domains. 18:52:51 < MIF> err hey CTech 18:52:55 < CTech> hi 18:53:06 <@rasengan> wright: tomaws lawyers are engaged with my lawyers whi;le tomaw and i have continued discussion somewhat separately. 18:53:12 < CTech> o/ rasengan 18:53:16 <@rasengan> hey ctech! 18:53:22 < CTech> sup dude :] 18:53:23 < wright> why are you fucking up #freenode 18:53:24 < slinger> and what exactly is the point of that? 18:53:25 < joepie91> rasengan: that's generally the very first thing that a lawyer will tell you not to do. 18:53:25 < wright> are you lawyers mad 18:53:29 < wright> your* 18:53:33 < joepie91> like, literally 18:53:37 < slinger> ^ 18:53:42 < joepie91> the first thing 18:53:43 < brabo> joepie91: indeed 18:53:56 < wright> rasengan: can you clarify – how long have your lawyers been engaging freenode (via tomaw) 18:54:01 <@rasengan> joepie91: yeah but he decided to engage w/ me – i have no issue engaging. 18:54:03 < wright> i'd like a date 18:54:09 < brabo> there are 0 good reasons to keep talking outside lawyers 18:54:17 < brabo> unless you are after something else ofc 18:54:27 <@rasengan> the reason i had to speak was because libera chat and the resignation letters happened. 18:54:29 < slinger> i think they're after more control 18:54:35 <@rasengan> i couldnt let freenode go. i didnt want to fracture the irc world more than it already is. 18:54:45 < moonshin1> the question i have is whether tomaw was representing oftc or himself 18:54:49 < slinger> shitting one network just wasn't enough 18:54:50 < brabo> and so you decide to.. try and fracture it? :) 18:54:55 < Tamara> If you don't want to fracture IRC then get tae fuck eh 18:54:55 <@rasengan> no im not fracturing it. 18:55:04 < brabo> you do seem to be trying hard enough 18:55:09 < Anastasius> It's sort of self-fracturing, he didn't have to do anything. 18:55:10 <@rasengan> im trying to be a good custodian and bring this to a decentralized entity. 18:55:14 < joepie91> rasengan: yes, because it is totally normal for a group of dedicated volunteers to leave the place that they've been maintaining for years, for absolutely no reason whatsoever... 18:55:15 < zoite> rasengan, so the access was revoked from you by mistake and you are wanting to create a decentralized way to handle domain ownership to avoid it in the future? 18:55:17 < slinger> do you realize the chaos you're causing and the stress you're causing in good people's lives? 18:55:17 < brabo> a good custodian>/ 18:55:20 <@rasengan> the libera chat and resignation letters were in action. the net is up. people are on it. 18:55:26 < brabo> what do you think you are to this community? 18:55:32 < brabo> our saviour? 18:55:33 < Tamara> As far as I can tell, if you were not involved, there would not be a problem here 18:55:36 < zoite> i'm just trying to piece the puzzle together but you're giving us details backwards 18:55:41 < joepie91> rasengan: how about you tell us why opers have prepared resignation letters 18:56:00 < wright> circling back – how long have your lawyers been engaging tomaw? 18:56:23 < pgimeno> gosh, it's déjà vu all over again... 18:56:25 <@rasengan> wright: since tomaw threatened us. thats when we stopped talking to him. without going into detail. (it will come out) 18:56:33 < Tamara> it will come out!! 18:56:36 < wright> i'd like that information now please 18:56:39 < wright> that's an allegation 18:56:40 < joepie91> ah yes, hypothetical evidence again 18:56:44 < moonshin1> he threatened as who, himself or oftc? 18:56:46 < slinger> what exactly did tomaw threaten you with 18:56:47 < Tamara> hahahahaha now we're back into the 'just trust me' territory huh 18:56:52 < wright> i'd like you to tell me when tomaw threatened you and how he threatened you 18:56:52 < brabo> Tamara: it will happen! hey, i seem to have seen a certain Q saying that the whole time! 18:57:04 < Tamara> brabo: the day will come!!! 18:57:10 < brabo> next week! 18:57:21 < slinger> and preferably some hard evidence to support your claims 18:57:27 < brabo> and it will be “big”! 18:57:29 < Tamara> FIND OUT IN NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE OF RASENGAN 18:57:32 < zoite> i wish i could hear the story from start to finish, not fragments at a time in random order. 18:57:44 < zoite> i feel like UDP 18:57:50 < moonshin1> i'm first trying to ascertain whether oftc has a role in this or if it was just tomaw v lee v freenode opers 18:58:03 < joepie91> lmao 18:58:16 < brabo> zoite: i know a joke about that. i could tell you, but you might not get it.. 18:58:25 < zoite> brabo, you probably wouldn't care either 18:58:37 <@rasengan> moonshin1: oftc does not have a role in this. 18:58:37 < Anastasius> I feel like I should be wearing my fedora, sunglasses, and trenchcoat even reading this. 18:58:45 < milehigh-> you aren't? 18:58:51 < moonshin1> rasengan: thanks for clearing that up 18:58:53 < milehigh-> 👀 18:58:54 < Tamara> ah the trenchcoat is essential equipment 18:59:01 –!– [[ [~noisytoot@fsf/member/Noisytoot] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Noisytoot] [realname noisytoot] 18:59:04 < brabo> the fedora better be black though 18:59:14 < Tamara> ah mine is actually purple, is that likely to be a problem? 18:59:14 < Anastasius> Maybe a raincoat instead, I think things are going to get messy. 18:59:18 < milehigh-> wow we're being all blackhatted now 18:59:30 < brabo> Tamara: does it at least have a tint of grey? 18:59:34 * milehigh- wraps tin foil around her head 18:59:48 * milehigh- puts the fedora over it 18:59:51 < Anastasius> Ever been in the front row of a Gallagher watermelon smashing festival? That's what this is like. 18:59:56 < zoite> i don't even really understand how you ever had a part in owning the domain at all rasengan 19:00:00 < milehigh-> cept with bodies? 19:00:03 < zoite> why was it given to you in the first place? 19:00:04 < milehigh-> or egos 19:00:28 < wright> rasengan: i'll check in again later for proof of tomaw threatening you 19:00:37 < milehigh-> somehow i vaguely recall the nick rasengan but maybe i was wrong, but i recall him being a little shit then too 19:00:57 < Tamara> I'm sure he's working on writing tomaw's threats to him as we speak 19:01:06 < brabo> rasengan: have you ever heard of occams razor? 19:01:08 < milehigh-> yeah i want to know what happened there 19:01:10 < Anastasius> Spelled backwards it's Nagnesar. 19:02:12 < brabo> milehigh-: that corresponds to thing i hear 19:02:15 < brabo> *things 19:02:24 <@rasengan> zoite: Freenode limited is why 19:02:28 <@rasengan> wright: Understood 19:02:33 < rorx> rasengan: you said earlier that you felt compelled to take action to prevent further fracturing of IRC.. why did you feel Freenode was in danger of itself, fracturing? 19:02:37 <@rasengan> milehigh-: ahh. i hope im not lol 19:02:40 <@rasengan> brabo: yes 19:02:49 < brabo> rasengan: why don't you take your fancy ltd and place it somewhere dark 19:02:52 < Anastasius> Freenode LTD. Will you put out a line of handbags and stuff? 19:03:06 < [[> What's freenode ltd? 19:03:07 < Tamara> looking forward to getting a fashionable freenode ltd hoodie 19:03:19 < Tamara> thinking of renaming to leenode? it's got a ring to it 19:03:38 < brabo> rasengan: and why do you not share the stolen mt gox coins with us? we'll for sure take that bribe ;) 19:03:39 <@rasengan> rorx: There was a takeover attempt of the assets and ownership of freenode that wasn't adding up which I rebutted with the request to decentralize which was given 0 attention. All focus was on the domain specifically. 19:03:46 < moonshin1> i personally would not be opposed to a funding model based on merch, as opposed to super wealthy benefactors and/or server donors. but that's not likely to happen 19:05:37 < joepie91> rasengan: a 'takeover' that was prompted by what? 19:05:58 < Tamara> sources: just trust me 19:06:21 < joepie91> rasengan: and how, exactly, are we supposed to believe that you're our saviour from a hostile takeover, when pretty much the entire oper team has said “no, fuck off” to you? 19:07:24 < brabo> rasengan: and why was London Trust Media Holdings incorporated in brazil? was that to scoot off any ill-gotten gains? 19:07:27 < Anastasius> Isn't that what they would do though? 19:07:32 < Anastasius> Circle the wagons? 19:08:01 < Tamara> the 'decentralisation' shite is a bit funny thinking about it, there's some underlying delusion that it's an ideal in its own right rather than something with any actual purpose 19:08:09 < Tamara> the point of decentralisation is to remove power from slimy fuckers 19:09:08 < brabo> Tamara: it's the same buzzword cryptoscammers like to use 19:09:19 < brabo> not unlike some twitter account someone linked 19:10:25 < rorx> rasengan: so, when you say “freenode assets”, it sounds like you see this asf mostly limited to the domain name. Is that fair? Care to expound on this takeover threat; and for that matter, how your plans to “decentralize” it will improve matters? Simply a reorganization of an organization that stands for Freenode? If so, how would that be organized different than it has been.. a more democratic process, steering committee, etc? How doe 19:10:25 < rorx> s that differ from what we have now? 19:11:01 < brabo> rorx: it is different because then he'd be malevolent dictator for life 19:11:05 < moonshin1> it's impossible to truly decentralize irc without massive protocol changes. it always goes back to dns 19:11:29 < moonshin1> which is where we are now 19:11:33 < moonshin1> and what happens with it 19:11:36 < rorx> brabo: I want to hear their perspective on the matter.. 19:11:37 –!– rails [~rails@elitebnc/rails] has changed host 19:11:37 –!– evilrails [sid21163@elitebnc/rails] has changed host 19:12:03 < brabo> rorx: me too. and a response about sharing those mt gox coins! 19:12:29 < joepie91> I mean, we've been asking about their perspective for the past several hours, and all the difficult questions somehow seem to not get answered :) 19:12:41 < rorx> moonshin1: and that's fine, I think, as long as the organization which owns the domain is serving in the best interest of the network's interests. 19:12:46 < brabo> joepie91: that is still the deflect of darvo 19:12:48 < joepie91> though they certainly have answers for the questions where they think they can get away with making a positive impression 19:12:53 < MIF> rasengan: is this you ? 19:13:02 < brabo> joepie91: i think they used all of those but it didn't work 19:13:16 < joepie91> oh, I'm well familiar with darvo :) 19:13:18 < zoite> rasengan, i'm just curious, do you have plans to move freenode to your vps company? 19:13:23 < joepie91> not my first rodeo :P 19:13:26 < rorx> -interests 19:13:58 < brabo> MIF: pia, mt gox, no bday (that would have been a final nail) but looks right 19:16:27 < brabo> rasengan: and how about all this? 19:17:07 < MIF> lol 19:18:34 –!– uxfi [~uxfi@unaffiliated/uxfi] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account uxfi] [realname Jose Ramos De Santana Estéban] 19:18:45 –!– uxfi [~uxfi@unaffiliated/uxfi] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [“Leaving”] 19:18:46 < brabo> and whitewashing hiring convicted crypto thieves.. 19:23:39 –!– xifox [] has quit [Quit: Connection closed] 19:23:50 < brabo> and merging with such trusted entity as kape technologies, who “only” developped browser toolbars loaded with malware when they were still going by the name of crossrider sport 19:23:57 < brabo> we are clearly in good company here 19:25:36 < zoite> rasengan, if you are looking for a scapegoat I will take a couple million to take the hate on your behalf 19:26:07 < brabo> zoite: i'll gladly take all of the mt gox coins, if only he doesn't expect that donation to give him full control over me! 19:26:33 < zoite> well, he would want the control of you to be decentralized 19:26:44 < rorx> there's clearly a sensitivity to the IRC network (for most IRC networks, for that matter), being influenced, much less controlled by, corporate interests; this is echoed in the resignation letters I've read from staff as well. That's understandable, the philosophy and values behind what started this network some 2 decades ago, were opposed to corporate interest. That was easy to do at at the time, as there was not much corporate intere 19:26:44 < rorx> st to speak of on the 'net. So,… the question is, how now, some 2 decades later, in this now, pervasively corporate-biased internet, is it possible to run this network without corporate support. This seems to be the challenge for all of us who use and appreciate the network, have to work together to commit to defending and maintaining. 19:26:55 < brabo> rasengan: also, did you pay anyone for the crown prince title? if we're all about openness and honesty here.. 19:27:08 < Tamara> crown prince? 19:27:08 < joepie91> rorx: it's actually running fine, that's the thing 19:27:25 < deceit> man, i was gonna make a sandwich, but i think i should make some popcorn 19:27:26 < joepie91> like, there are no operational issues 19:27:39 < brabo> Tamara: On 6 October 2018, Yi Seok, son of Prince Yi Kang (the fifth son of Emperor Gojong of Korea), nominated Lee as a “Crown Prince” of Korea, claiming that he is a descendant of the House of Yi, the ruling royal house of Korea during the Joseon dynasty, which lasted until 1897. 19:27:50 < joepie91> the infastructure is provided by sponsors 19:27:54 < Tamara> ahahahahaha 19:28:05 < brabo> Tamara: he did invite us to dig for dirt, right? 19:28:14 < Tamara> yeah from sponsors pov this is a pretty good deal 19:30:54 <@rasengan> joepie91: a take over after christel resigned, they are all kinda in on it or misled 19:31:03 <@rasengan> brabo: ltmh was in brazil due to a brazilian mma league 19:31:28 <@rasengan> tamara: i agree with you description of decentralization even if you mean to say im a slimy fucker. 19:31:38 –!– notif [60e05662@] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname] 19:31:51 < Tamara> to avoid all doubt, yes, that is what I mean to say 19:32:10 < wright> rasengan: checking in on that tomaw threat bit 19:32:13 < brabo> rasengan: oh that sounds like a good explanation.. or is it? 19:32:27 < rorx> joepie91: then what role does “Shells” and previously “Private Internet Access” have? Those sound like corporations to me. How does Freenode's charter, if any, specify how much of a role and restrictions those types of sponsors have on Freenode? The fact that there is contention over domain management, tells me that this charter isn't very well defined. 19:32:27 <@rasengan> rorx: youre spot on with the decentralization and a description... and it differs from today, yes. 19:32:33 < brabo> why do you need to incorporate there because of an mma league? 19:32:40 < MIF> rasengan: 19:33:04 <@rasengan> MIF: that is me 19:33:07 <@rasengan> zoite: no re vps 19:33:08 < Tamara> Crown prince of Korea (disputed) 19:33:23 < MIF> can you prove it? 19:33:27 < brabo> Tamara: crown prince of freenode (disputed) 19:33:41 <@rasengan> brabo: i dont have the coins you speak of and dont know what youre talking about. 19:33:45 < Tamara> crown prince of freenode [1] 19:33:53 <@rasengan> brabo: I'm a descendant. did not pay obviously. 19:33:53 < brabo> rasengan: i am sure you don't 19:33:54 –!– Manouchehri [sid384576@gateway/web/] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Chehri] [realname David Manouchehri] 19:33:56 < MIF> [1]flase 19:33:57 < Tamara> [1] proof forthcoming any day now 19:34:02 < brabo> and i am sure you didn't 19:34:03 * Manouchehri grabs popcorn 19:34:04 < joepie91> joepie91: a take over after christel resigned, they are all kinda in on it or misled 19:34:05 < joepie91> okay, so hold on, let me get this right – “they are all kinda in on it”. you're trying to say that this is a conspiracy of the oper team to do a hostile takeover of... the network that is run by the oper team? 19:34:12 < [[> crown prince of freenode[citation needed] 19:34:13 < brabo> also pigs fly and the earth is actually flat! 19:34:18 < joepie91> please explain to me how that makes literally any sense at all? 19:34:21 < wright> I've found a remarkable proof of this fact, but there is not enough space in the margin 19:34:32 < MIF> [[++ 19:34:42 <@rasengan> rorx: the logos were placed due to sponsorships moneys arriving to freenode limited. 19:34:43 < Tamara> wright: you know I still think this was a practical joke 19:34:44 < brabo> wright: i will just believe you then! 19:35:01 < Tamara> the sponsorship money arriving to freenode limited 19:35:07 < Tamara> wait hang on isn't that the one you own 19:35:09 < MIF> rasengan: I still don't trust uou 19:35:12 < MIF> rasengan: I still don't trust you 19:35:17 < MIF> I don't care who you are 19:35:26 < wright> i have great proof for this conspiracy but i cant tell you right now, i'm busy bribing people with olines 19:35:29 < Tamara> The disputed crown prince of korea is who he is 19:35:41 < Manouchehri> Is there a more recent balance sheet? 19:35:48 < joepie91> no but really, I want to know how this works, how one does a hostile takeover of a thing they already run 19:36:06 < Tamara> for the low price of one oline and 50k eur i will write one (1) statement of very vague support for andrew lee on freenode 19:36:08 <@rasengan> tamara: owning doesnt mean operating. 19:36:16 < wright> the company's house accounts seem to disagree with your funding 19:36:19 < brabo> 21:35:01 < Tamara> the sponsorship money arriving to freenode limited 19:36:29 < brabo> oh are those the monies he donated to the project then? 19:36:42 < MIF> the billions 19:36:47 < Tamara> trillions probablyu 19:36:51 < brabo> *quadrillions by now 19:36:55 < joepie91> brabo: to the company, which he also owns :^) 19:37:02 < MIF> exactly 19:37:11 < brabo> joepie91: do i smell money laundering scheme? 19:37:14 <@rasengan> wright: i was not in operation. 19:37:22 < wright> not in operation of what? 19:37:23 <@rasengan> so i cant control what was reported. 19:37:30 < wright> majority stakeholder? 19:37:30 < MIF> so you bought a non-profit grou[ 19:37:32 –!– notif [60e05662@] has quit [Quit: Connection closed] 19:37:32 < Tamara> so the argument is he gave millions to a company which under his watch then disappeared the money? 19:37:33 <@rasengan> i dont have the code to update companies house wright. 19:37:34 < wright> bit weird 19:37:39 <@rasengan> that was in the operations hands. not mine. 19:37:44 < wright> who's? 19:37:47 < wright> who is operations 19:37:47 < joepie91> Tamara: that seems to be more or less it, yes 19:38:07 <@rasengan> the freenode staff that has signed volunteer forms. 19:38:13 < Manouchehri> MIF: I don't know UK law as much, but Freenode Limited looks like a for-profit corp? 19:38:15 < Tamara> joepie91: seems like whoever owns this company needs a good talking to 19:38:35 < eeeeeta> rasengan: there are forms the staff sign? 19:38:35 < joepie91> rasengan: I'm sorry, are you claiming that a bunch of unpaid volunteers are responsible for doing the official filings with companies house of the company that you own? 19:38:38 < brabo> rasengan: how did you get involved with 19:38:44 < wright> rasengan: sorry – what volunteer forms? 19:39:03 < MIF> brabo: he is 19:39:06 < wright> > Last accounts made up to 31 August 2018 19:39:06 < MIF> brabo: he is 19:39:08 < MIF> or something 19:39:10 <@rasengan> joepie91: no 19:39:17 < CTech> 19:39:19 < CTech> :) 19:39:24 < MIF> SHUT UP CTech 19:39:25 < Tamara> so who is responsible for filing? 19:39:26 < brabo> ah so he is the lame ass who started his carreer on freenode spamming all the established shell services irc channels??? 19:39:31 < CTech> ? 19:39:36 <@rasengan> tamara: the head of staff 19:39:39 < wright> when were these volunteer forms sent out, why do volunteers need to sign them, why are volunteers in charge of keeping your accounts up to date 19:39:41 < CTech> i'm just correcting you lol 19:39:42 < brabo> or was that you CTech ? 19:39:47 < CTech> ? 19:39:49 < CTech> no 19:39:53 < brabo> good 19:39:59 < CTech> why would you think its me? lol 19:40:03 < zoite> brabo, he owns private internet access 19:40:03 < Tamara> wait hang on isn't the head of staff also an unpaid volunteer 19:40:03 < MIF> CTech: has been bought by rasengan 19:40:09 < zoite> i think his brother owns shells 19:40:10 <@rasengan> zoite: i dont own pia 19:40:12 < CTech> i have? 19:40:13 –!– notif [60e05662@] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname] 19:40:13 < zoite> oh 19:40:15 < wright> christel worked for andrew as far as i know 19:40:18 < joepie91> Tamara: I think so? 19:40:31 <@rasengan> tamara: head of staff is paid 19:40:34 < Manouchehri> zoite: rasengan sold his remaining stake in PIA in 2020. 19:40:45 < zoite> oh ok 19:41:07 < zoite> i was just going off his wikipedia, i guess it needs updated 19:41:08 < joepie91> rasengan: you still haven't answered my question, by the way, of how exactly it works when an oper team does a hostile takeover of their own network 19:41:23 < MIF> ^ 19:41:26 < MIF> rasengan: answer 19:41:31 < CTech> ask one question at a time 19:41:38 < MIF> CTech: 19:41:40 < CTech> might be easier 19:41:40 < MIF> shut up 19:41:41 < CTech> :) 19:41:42 < CTech> no 19:41:43 <@rasengan> joepie91: the oper team consists of volunteers of freenode limited. 19:41:43 < wright> rasengan: any update on the tomaw threat allegation? 19:41:51 < CTech> don't tell me to shutup :) 19:41:52 < Tamara> lol 19:42:02 < brabo> yeah the same kape that under name of crossrider sport dev'ed browser toolbars loaded with malware yep 19:42:16 < Tamara> so the central argument here is that it's a hostile takeover because they're acting against your wishes in the role of being an owner of a company which owns the domain 19:42:20 < joepie91> rasengan: that is not what I asked 19:42:48 –!– wright changed the topic of #freenode-staff-discussion to: crown prince gets owned 1993 recolored 19:42:55 < MIF> lol 19:42:58 –!– rasengan changed the topic of #freenode-staff-discussion to: #freenode-staff-discussion +tn 19:43:00 < MIF> wright++ 19:43:02 <@rasengan> oops 19:43:03 < notif> lmao cope 19:43:03 < Tamara> +tn 19:43:06 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+t] by rasengan 19:43:06 < wright> man 19:43:08 <@rasengan> lol 19:43:09 < wright> im glad you're going to run freenode 19:43:11 < slinger> nice one 19:43:12 <@rasengan> same diff 19:43:15 < brabo> wright++ 19:43:18 < wright> glad you know how to operate a fucking network 19:43:20 < zoite> now there's a hostile takeover of the channel topic 19:43:24 < MIF> wright++ 19:43:25 < Tamara> irc network lee is gonna save us all 19:43:25 < brabo> rasengan: if you think same diff whahahahaa ;') 19:43:25 < zoite> when will it end 19:43:27 < joepie91> Tamara: I'm hoping that he'll show otherwise, but that is indeed the explanation I will have to default to if my question remains unanswered 19:43:27 < MIF> LMAO 19:43:28 < wright> piss off back to voat 19:43:38 < brabo> fucking hell, it's truly amateur hour here 19:43:39 <@rasengan> brabo: same diff, the mode was changed and the topic has been updated to reflect that. 19:43:44 < wright> go destroy another fucking publication 19:43:45 <@rasengan> brabo: ok. 19:43:46 < brabo> rasengan: yeye 19:43:49 < brabo> we believe you 19:43:54 < brabo> sooper dooper believe 19:43:57 <@rasengan> Please don't have a 'contest' of who knows IRC better this is stupid. Stop. 19:44:03 <@rasengan> Stay on topic. 19:44:06 < brabo> pats rasengan on the head 19:44:11 < notif> Sounds like you don't want people to talk about you being bad at irc 19:44:12 < slinger> the topic is mode +tn 19:44:14 < wright> the topic is you being unfit for this coup d'etat 19:44:18 < joepie91> rasengan: sure. let's stay on topic! how about you actually answer my question :) 19:44:22 < slinger> should we talk about mode +tn? 19:44:29 < slinger> do you even know what mode +tn does? 19:44:31 < zoite> tbh i dont think the owner of a company needs to know the details on how to operate it 19:44:34 < zoite> that's why they have staff 19:44:36 <@rasengan> notif ok 19:44:42 < slinger> tim cook is proof of that 19:44:43 < wright> still waiting on the tomaw threat allegation mate 19:44:45 < MIF> joepie91: he is not going to 19:44:46 < brabo> rasengan: sure, let's stay on topic, please do answer to the things i mentioned, or, heaven forbid, to the apt questions joepie91 has been asking for hours now? 19:45:00 < MIF> ]^ 19:45:01 < brabo> how about that for on-topic? 19:45:02 < MIF> ^ 19:45:04 < MIF> ^ 19:45:06 < MIF> ^ 19:45:07 < [[> ^ 19:45:08 < MIF> ^ 19:45:10 < [[> ^ 19:45:10 < MIF> ^ 19:45:12 < [[> ^ 19:45:15 < Tamara> ^ 19:45:17 < wright> COMBO BRTEAKERNERER] 19:45:17 < [[> ^ 19:45:19 < wright> QWEKL:QWEKLWQEJEQW 19:45:25 < MIF> ^^ 19:45:26 < slinger> i/nvite Sigyn 19:45:27 < MIF> ^ 19:45:28 < [[> ^^ 19:45:28 < brabo> LKWPETER 19:45:28 < Tamara> alright you're on 19:45:30 < [[> ^ 19:45:37 < MIF> rasengan: 19:45:39 < MIF> rasengan: 19:45:41 < MIF> rasengan: 19:45:43 < wright> let's not just spam 19:46:01 < Tamara> at this point there really isn't any point in taking him seriously anyway 19:46:02 < brabo> yeah indeed, let's bring more difficult questions and relations of his to this channel 19:46:09 < brabo> ^^ 19:46:14 < [[> ^^ 19:46:18 < MIF> ^^ 19:46:26 < CTech> lame spam heh 19:46:29 < slinger> can someone pls voice me? 19:46:29 < zoite> rasengan, can i be your chief of security 19:46:32 < MIF> lame spam heh 19:46:34 < slinger> i have something i want to say 19:46:35 < joepie91> meh, spam 19:46:36 < zoite> to guard against physical threats 19:46:38 <@rasengan> joepie91: Your question was incorrect because the network isn't the volunteer staffs. I answered the question to the best of my ability but cannot answer incorrect questions. My access was terminated to be clear which was one of the reasons this all got to this point. Does that answer your question? 19:46:43 < Tamara> it's pretty funny for him to continue digging the hole and I say the more hole he's in the better for us all 19:46:46 < brabo> rasengan: any credibility of you that this day started with? would it still be there you think? 19:46:52 < Tamara> the network isn't the network 19:46:58 <@rasengan> joepie91: The network belongs legally to me, and who I have been trying to give it to for the past month and a half was to the people. 19:47:00 <@rasengan> That's all this is about. 19:47:06 –!– tjr is now known as trobotham 19:47:07 < wright> can you prove the network belongs to you 19:47:10 < brabo> rasengan: the network is the community, and the staff operate it, and surprise surprise, we do know and trust them 19:47:12 < MIF> ^ 19:47:18 < brabo> we know NOR trust you 19:47:19 < [[> ^ 19:47:25 < MIF> ^ 19:47:25 < brabo> and you have done nothing to change that perception 19:47:25 –!– ComputerTech [ComputerTe@unaffiliated/computertech] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account ComputerTech] [realname ComputerTech] 19:47:27 < joepie91> and there the mask falls off 19:47:29 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+o ComputerTech] by rasengan 19:47:29 < wright> sounds to me like the people that run the network don't agree with you – so this is a hostile takeover? 19:47:34 < CTech> :) 19:47:46 < MIF> I agree with wright 19:47:48 < Tamara> The network is the network, the network isn't a legal entity 19:48:04 < MIF> Sturtz Network Supports the CURRENT freenode staff 19:48:05 < brabo> wright: the people who operate it, the people who use it, do not trust him 19:48:06 < Tamara> talking about decentralisation while trying to roll things you don't own into a company lol 19:48:11 <@rasengan> No mask fell off joepie91 19:48:13 < wright> i'd like to hear what you've contributed to the network andrew 19:48:16 < notif> rasengan: Communities are People my friend 19:48:18 < brabo> so yes, this IS a hostile takeover attempt from rasengan 19:48:21 < [[> rasengan: What's wrong with the currect freenode staff? 19:48:32 < Tamara> what's wrong is they see him for what he is 19:48:33 < zoite> who sold the domain to rasengan? 19:48:34 < slinger> they threaten people apparently 19:48:37 < MIF> Sturtz Network WILL NOT stand by rasengan 19:48:39 < MIF> at all 19:48:48 < Tamara> yeah I mean no-one's standing by him 19:48:49 < slinger> i think you've made your point MIF 19:48:54 < Tamara> so not much surprise there 19:48:54 < brabo> slinger: trusted people like rasengan ? i don't believe it! 19:48:55 < CTech> lol 19:49:24 < joepie91> rasengan: so, it seems to me, then, that we can conclude that you – mistakenly – believe that Freenode is yours, as opposed to belonging to the community which has built it up, and that your claims of a “hostile takeover by opers” really just translate to “they are denying you the power you crave over a network which you neither built nor operate nor are welcome in” 19:49:43 < notif> zoite: i just did a whois and it looks like its registered to somebody named “REDACTED FOR PRIVACY” which is not how you spell andrew lee 19:49:48 < brabo> joepie91++ 19:49:57 < zoite> haha 19:49:57 < notif> so i think he might be full of shit here idk 19:49:57 <@rasengan> joepie91: No. that's not what I wrote. Sorry. 19:50:05 < Tamara> The more you try to seize control of things you don't own and have never owned, the more decentralised you are 19:50:05 < brabo> rasengan: but it is what you say 19:50:06 < brabo> ;) 19:50:16 < Tamara> little known fact 19:50:37 < zoite> rasengan legally owns the domain i think thus controls the dns 19:50:47 < brabo> and that is all he owns 19:50:50 –!– Irssi: #freenode-staff-discussion: Total of 50 nicks [4 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 46 normal] 19:50:51 < brabo> he does not own this community 19:50:53 < zoite> right 19:50:55 < Tamara> yep and nowt more than that 19:50:56 < brabo> nor does he speak for it 19:50:57 –!– Crabsyq [~crab@] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [realname crab] 19:51:00 < MIF> but if he does anything with the dns then he will shut dow n the network 19:51:07 < brabo> no matter how much white-knighting he tries 19:51:09 < Tamara> sure, this is effectively what this is 19:51:11 < MIF> and you can't have a network with out users 19:51:22 < Tamara> it's just a very very convoluted and obfuscated blackmail attempt 19:51:23 < brabo> and we will gtfo out if you would succeed 19:51:29 < joepie91> he might legally own the domain, his mistake is believing that a domain equates an IRC network 19:51:44 < zoite> sounds like he's using it as leverage 19:51:45 < Tamara> he can somewhat fuck over freenode and that's leverage 19:51:48 < brabo> and then you'll have a shiny, but empty irc network as your own personal feifdom befitting a crown prince 19:51:50 < MIF> joepie91: all staff would have to do is get a new doain 19:51:53 < zoite> to get someone sysadmin access 19:52:03 < zoite> so yeah pretty much a hostile takeover 19:52:13 < Tamara> It's not a trivial undertaking to move an IRC network 19:52:16 < deceit> i like turtles 19:52:18 < moonshin1> i'm not sure freenode is a feather in rasengan's cap that everybody assumes it is 19:52:21 < wright> humour me this andrew if freenode limited owns the network and you claim to have been locked out, what were you locked out of 19:52:22 < MIF> I have done it 19:52:23 < Tamara> which is why this leverage is so interesting 19:52:26 < moonshin1> people can switch irc networks at will 19:52:27 < wright> could you please enumerate the toys they took from you 19:52:28 < moonshin1> zero cost 19:52:36 < MIF> I have moved domains 19:52:53 < joepie91> zoite: that's exactly it, yep, I just wanted confirmation from the man himself, which I now have 19:52:53 < zoite> there are a lot of projects which depend on freenode that would be very unhappy 19:53:09 < moonshin1> maybe so but unhappiness is the resting state of most foss projects 19:53:15 <@rasengan> zoite: we're not going to let freenode die/get messed up. i think no matter what the disagreement is, everyone is in agreement there. 19:53:17 <@rasengan> so dont worry about that. 19:53:29 < joepie91> rasengan: what part of “you are not welcome here” was unclear to you? 19:53:31 < notif> rasengan: that's not true at all 19:53:34 < MIF> rasengan: WE WHO IS WE 19:53:34 < Tamara> The staff are considering resigning en masse 19:53:40 –!– Foxy [foxy@unaffiliated/loveableelf] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account LoveAbleElf] [realname Foxy] 19:53:42 < notif> I don't think everyone is in agreement here at all lmao 19:53:43 < Tamara> I don't know how you can dismiss that out of hand 19:53:49 < wright> it looks to me like you're the one killing freenode, andrew 19:53:53 < notif> You have people literally revolting at the idea of you being here lol 19:53:57 < Tamara> I can't think of a single person here who actually supports what you're doing andrew 19:54:06 < Tamara> it's so obviously transparently shady 19:54:06 < Foxy> lol 19:54:10 < MIF> Tamara: I can 19:54:13 < [[> Tamara: rasengan supports rasengan 19:54:14 < notif> It's very easy to simply not do this and go shill coins somewhere else 19:54:18 < Tamara> [[: TRUE 19:54:30 < MIF> Tamara: I can thing of one more 19:54:31 < MIF> then rasengan 19:54:45 < Tamara> two whole people? 19:54:47 < [[> MIF: Who? 19:54:48 < MIF> CTech: 19:54:50 < Tamara> incredible, that's democratic consensus right there 19:54:51 < MIF> ComputerTech: 19:54:57 < brabo> rasengan: and you don't worry about the investigative journalism that will come out about you and your business practices! 19:54:57 < CTech> ? 19:54:59 < CTech> hi 19:55:06 < MIF> read the backlog 19:55:10 < CTech> i am 19:55:11 <@rasengan> brabo: Thank you for the attention? 19:55:17 < brabo> thank me later 19:55:18 < Foxy> what's MIF? fill me in 19:55:24 < Foxy> hey rasengan 19:55:30 <@rasengan> hey Foxy! 19:55:31 < brabo> must be some twisted mind to thank someone for negative attention.. 19:55:36 < MIF> oh and don't forget CTech's GF Foxy 19:55:41 < Foxy> eww 19:55:47 < moonshin1> this whole conversation is getting very emotional. my mascara is running 19:55:51 < Foxy> don't make me kill you kid 19:55:54 < zoite> rasengan, what is it that you actually want 19:55:56 < CTech> lmao 19:55:58 * brabo hands moonshin1 a cleenex 19:55:59 < zoite> why did you buy the domain? 19:56:04 –!– trip-cloud [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account NiTeMaRe] [realname trip] 19:56:06 < Foxy> cause he can 19:56:13 < slinger> hmm i don't think death threats are very well liked here 19:56:14 * CTech waves at trip-cloud 19:56:14 < MIF> so we are up to 3 people 19:56:15 < Tamara> rich guy does rich guy things 19:56:20 < MIF> I bet prob 4 19:56:29 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+o trip-cloud] by trobotham 19:56:37 < Foxy> hi trip 19:56:43 <@trip-cloud> hola 19:56:46 < Anastasius> 19:56:50 < mefistofeles> hola cacerola 19:56:59 < MIF> if you want a rasengan free network join I will NOT take bribes from rich people 19:57:07 < brabo> ah i see, rasengan is bringing in the cronies 19:57:07 < CTech> MIF stop advertising 19:57:13 < notif> Shit i'd take bribes 19:57:15 < wright> MIF: that's not a good look 19:57:15 < CTech> not needed bro 19:57:18 < zoite> for the record, I'll take bribes if someone is offering 19:57:19 <@trip-cloud> sounds to me like you are spamming 19:57:20 < Foxy> MIF stop advdertising 19:57:21 < notif> why would you not take bribes 19:57:21 < mefistofeles> kick the spammer 19:57:28 < brabo> we should make a better pool on when the hammer is going to fall 19:57:31 < slinger> lol 19:57:33 < brabo> is it 2 minutes, 5, or 10? 19:57:35 < joepie91> zoite: I take bribes too! not that it'll buy you anything, but I'll take them :P 19:57:36 < Tamara> interesting that only now do people want to kick 'spammers' 19:57:41 < Tamara> weird! 19:57:43 < brabo> *betting pool 19:58:12 * Foxy eats popcorn and reads 19:58:14 < mefistofeles> Tamara: what? 19:58:22 < MIF> Tamara: he has grown a foowing of 4 people 19:58:28 < Tamara> FOUR WHOLE PEOPLE 19:58:34 < Tamara> incredible numbers how does he do this 19:58:38 < Tamara> to the moon he's going, to the moon I say 19:58:40 < Anastasius> Tamara: You seem cool, please join ##club-nomicon 19:58:40 < brabo> eeeeeta: my version is $FUCKYOU 19:58:41 < MIF> I know right 19:58:42 < Thedarkb-Desktop> eeeeeta, I'm not a bot. 19:58:45 < wright> oh man we've got colors 19:58:47 < Foxy> lol 19:58:54 < zoite> eeeeeta, i feel so violated 19:58:56 < CTech> this is severally off topic tbh 19:58:56 –!– Irssi: #freenode-staff-discussion: Total of 53 nicks [5 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 48 normal] 19:59:02 < eeeeeta> [everyone hated that] 19:59:03 < Foxy> eeeeeta stop with the ctcp version replies 19:59:05 < brabo> zoite: me too, i did not consent to that! 19:59:06 < Tamara> Anastasius: very sussy but why not 19:59:07 < Thedarkb-Desktop> I like R for emphasis to be honest. 19:59:12 < CTech> more of a spam topic than actually discussing about freenode 19:59:15 < wright> CTech: well the crown prince of bel-air refused to answer questions 19:59:20 < mefistofeles> check 19:59:22 < Foxy> lol 19:59:24 < brabo> wright: lol 19:59:26 < MIF> d 19:59:33 –!– evilrails [sid21163@elitebnc/rails] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [] 19:59:34 < wright> so all we've got left is to remind him he's unqualified to run a channel let alone a network 19:59:43 < Tamara> in west freenode born and raised 19:59:49 < Thedarkb-Desktop> It's a bit classless plugging your own network while we try to solve an issue with this one, MIF 19:59:49 < brabo> freenode 19:59:51 < Tamara> insert lyrics here 19:59:53 < MIF> LOL 19:59:57 < Foxy> he's not obligated to answer any questions he feel is not worthy 19:59:59 < Tamara> solve what issue lmao 20:00:02 < Tamara> andrew is the issue 20:00:04 < [[> rainbow! 20:00:09 < Foxy> how is andrew an issue? 20:00:14 < Thedarkb-Desktop> He is the issue, yes. 20:00:16 < joepie91> CTech: well, we've kinda reached the conclusion of the original discussion topic, which is “Andrew bought the domain and now mistakenly believes that that entitles him to control over Freenode, and staff told him no” — so I'm not sure there's a whole lot more to discuss 20:00:26 < eeeeeta> squirrel: 10/10 CTCP VERSION 20:00:28 < wright> hey pls dont flood in my network also no colors and swearing is not allowed 20:00:37 < MIF> Thedarkb-Desktop: if you see any issues with my network then Feel free to tell me about it 20:00:38 < zoite> no fun allowed 20:00:38 < Thedarkb-Desktop> He's barged in with a self righteous attitude because he pays for the domain name. 20:00:41 < Tamara> the guy who lies through his teeth and tries to seize control of an IRC net is not the problem, Foxy, apologioes for the mistake 20:00:44 < mefistofeles> fuck that 20:00:44 <@rasengan> wright: – as you could imagine with this many people coming at me and seeing the topic changed, i made a typo and typed /topic instead of /mode. sorry for that. if its a dick waving issue about irc protocol knowledge, im not interested. 20:00:47 < MIF> and PLEASE do it in ##sturtznetwork so it is public 20:00:52 < CTech> joepie91, i was meaning the random colour messages tbh 20:01:09 < wright> rasengan: you're dick waving money mate 20:01:10 < Foxy> then strip the colors from the channel 20:01:19 < joepie91> CTech: sure. that's just background radiation that shows up when there's nothing meaningful to discuss anymore :) 20:01:22 < wright> buy your way to the top and be ready to get owned when you're unqualified 20:01:22 < brabo> rasengan: and now it was a typo while previously it supposedly was intended? 20:01:23 < MIF> rasengan: that is mode +c just so you know 20:01:29 < Tamara> really, we're no strangers to love here 20:01:31 < brabo> you seem such a trustworthy person! 20:01:34 < Tamara> all familiar with the rules 20:01:41 < Foxy> lol unqualified 20:01:42 <@rasengan> wright: what did i buy my way to? 20:01:48 < MIF> freenode 20:01:50 < brabo> rasengan: nowhere here 20:01:53 < wright> well, freenode, so you claim 20:01:53 < joepie91> freenode's domain* 20:01:59 < Foxy> lol 20:02:10 < brabo> you can try what you will, and we'll continue without you, as before 20:02:12 < Tamara> He bought leverage! 20:02:17 < brabo> he bought shit 20:02:20 < Tamara> and why not 20:02:26 < brabo> a domain does not buy you a community 20:02:28 < Tamara> shitcoin is popular these days I hear 20:02:31 < brabo> it is 20:02:33 < Foxy> lol 20:02:41 < mefistofeles> :/ 20:02:41 < brabo> there is even a shitcoin2021 in FL this summer 20:02:45 < wright> are you going to just pay people to run the network for you and is that going to be rdv and is he going to typefuck people in public 20:02:50 < brabo> same time as bitcoin2021 20:03:07 < brabo> 20:03:09 < mefistofeles> [[: ? 20:03:09 < Tamara> I hear the furry community is popular these days 20:03:11 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+o Foxy] by rasengan 20:03:16 < Tamara> you should turn this into a 'yiff' network 20:03:16 < brabo> rasengan: you should bring karpeles 20:03:16 < slinger> [[: hi 20:03:19 <@Foxy> thanks rasengan 20:03:20 < mefistofeles> furry coin 20:03:23 < [[> mefistofeles: I CTCP VERSIONed this channel 20:03:26 < slinger> [[: i'm using weechat for your information 20:03:30 < mefistofeles> [[: I know, but why? 20:03:37 < joepie91> brabo: oh, that'll be fun. he still owes me 50 EUR 20:03:38 < slinger> and you coulda just asked 20:03:40 * Tamara ctcp uwu 20:03:49 < mefistofeles> Tamara: stop ctcping! 20:03:54 * Tamara no 20:03:54 < mefistofeles> xD 20:04:09 < brabo> joepie91: i'll come with you, we'll get it back ;) 20:04:14 * Tamara this is the better way to privmsg tbh 20:04:34 * Tamara the vague aura of erp with none of the substance 20:04:49 < brabo> erp like erpsongs? 20:04:52 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+C] by rasengan 20:05:01 < wright> good job man 20:05:01 < Tamara> not quite 20:05:14 * Tamara oh well 20:05:26 –!– mode/#freenode-staff-discussion [+o Crabsyq] by rasengan 20:05:32 < brabo> wright: he is so good at managing irc channels, much wow 20:05:37 < brabo> teh amaze 20:05:59 < brabo> and keep passive-aggresively opping your cronies shouting how you are only here to save us all 20:06:20 <@Crabsyq> I am very much not a “cronie” for anyone. 20:06:28 < CTech> is this a slander channel? or a discussion channel ;) 20:06:31 < wright> are you a bronie 20:06:38 < wright> CTech: this is a coup channel actually 20:06:39 < mefistofeles> CTech: it's a reflection of freenode 20:06:41 < brabo> Crabsyq: and i am the king of turkmenistan? 20:06:42 <@Crabsyq> only on weekdays 20:06:49 < wright> andrew ran away when #freenode proved too much 20:07:04 <@Foxy> lol 20:07:04 < brabo> he thought this would make a better echo-chamber 20:07:06 < wright> faced with the reality that the userbase will reject his hostile takeover, he fled the scene 20:07:09 –!– Topic unset by rasengan on #freenode-staff-discussion 20:07:12 < CTech> or maybe the lot of ya spammed too much... 20:07:14 –!– Crabsyq is now known as not-quite-uptime 20:07:17 <@Foxy> hostile? 20:07:38 < wright> in his own words – he's sent lawyers in 20:07:49 <@Foxy> which he is legally able to do 20:07:51 < brabo> Foxy: hah, how else would any sane person call this? 20:07:57 < [[> How did you unset the topic? 20:07:58 < notif> wonder if all these people are actually just rasengan on several laptops 20:08:00 < brabo> to have the domain, sure, the community? 20:08:01 < brabo> hah 20:08:08 <@Foxy> lol 20:08:09 < brabo> seen how the community reactions went? 20:08:12 < CTech> lol 20:08:14 < notif> Think about it, haven't seen them typing at the same time right? 20:08:26 < CTech> hm 20:08:26 < brabo> notif: you thinking socks? 20:08:35 < notif> No like several computers 20:08:38 < notif> not even that complicated 20:08:39 < CTech> afraid you're wrong mate ;) 20:08:42 < CTech> then again 20:08:46 <@trobotham> na, I can assure you I am not rasengan 20:08:47 < brabo> notif: socks == sock puppets 20:08:48 < notif> sockpuppets yeah thought you meant proxys 20:08:49 < CTech> who knows, maybe, maybe 20:08:49 <@not-quite-uptime> /msg rasengan hey its me notif dont tell the others 20:08:52 <@not-quite-uptime> damn 20:08:53 <@not-quite-uptime> sorry 20:08:56 < CTech> lol 20:08:57 < brabo> trobotham: prove it 20:09:01 < notif> oop there it is 20:09:03 < notif> boom 20:09:06 < brabo> preferably better than rasengan proved his intentions 20:09:06 < notif> gottem 20:09:09 <@trobotham> brabo: I quite honestly don't have to prove anything to anyone 20:09:17 < CTech> ^ same 20:09:25 < brabo> then rest assured we will conclude what we think to be true ;) 20:09:27 < notif> post timestamps 20:09:29 < notif> all yall 20:09:35 < notif> proof of life i wanna see todays newspaper 20:09:49 < CTech> brabo, you are free to think what you wish 20:09:51 < wright> rasengan: hey andy – checking in on that tomaw threat allegation 20:10:09 < brabo> CTech: don't worry, we as a community, will ;) 20:10:12 < wright> i think you shouldn't wait on proving that one 20:10:19 <@Foxy> lol 20:10:25 <@Foxy> hostile users 20:10:37 <@Foxy> users that think they can control a network 20:10:40 <@Foxy> that's funny 20:10:44 < wright> that tends to happen when you try to force your way to admin access of a network 20:10:49 < slinger> really funny 20:10:51 < brabo> Foxy: who'd have thunk it when some lamers come in trying to hijack a community network? 20:11:12 <@trobotham> the discussion would be more productive if people weren't trying to troll 20:11:13 < brabo> wright: too fast for me, hats off 20:11:21 < notif> I'm gonna continue to assume these are all rasengan running around a tiny apartment tryna type fast 20:11:25 < wright> the conversation shouldn't be happening 20:11:25 < mefistofeles> trobotham: trolling is a consequence of the nonsensic discussion 20:11:38 < eeeeeta> this channel seems like it's run its course tbh 20:11:44 < moonshin1> i'm not taking sides, i just use the damn thing. i can wait for more info to come out before i make any conclusions 20:11:49 < brabo> trobotham: no, there could be a proper discussion IF the ones making allegations of being the white knight in shining armor had more than bullshit to back up that claim.. 20:11:59 < brabo> ok>? 20:12:07 < wright> the lot of you should fuck off and leave freenode as it was and quit trying to seize control 20:12:08 < wright> 15:58:06 <@jess> 2021-03-15 21:21:47 I have not, am not, and will not interfere with the operations of freenode outside of when asked for help [...] 20:12:12 < moonshin1> i don't think, really, anybody cared about who was doing what until today 20:12:42 < moonshin1> but now it's a big thing. it made hacker news, so man i feel that outrage. 20:12:50 < brabo> wright: right, and i do not think anyone asked rasengan to come and save us 20:12:52 < wright> WHY WONT THE USERS LOVE ME he screams in to a pile of mt gox money 20:12:54 <@Foxy> businesses are sold all the time 20:13:00 < brabo> wright: hahaha 20:13:04 < brabo> wright: right on 20:13:07 < wright> freenode isn't a business, it's a nonprofit run on donated machines by volunteer staff 20:13:14 < slinger> wright on 20:13:17 < brabo> more, it is a community 20:13:31 < brabo> that has faith in the staff voluntarily running the network 20:13:39 < brabo> but not so much in posers like rasengan 20:13:42 < wright> freenode is an idea and ideas, mr lee, are bulletproof 20:13:44 < moonshin1> technically non-profits are businesses too 20:13:45 <@Foxy> lol 20:13:46 < brabo> coming out of nowhere to “save” us 20:13:56 < CTech> tbh, heres my opinion, why do majority of you even care? 20:13:56 < joepie91> literally none of the parts of Freenode that people actually care about, are in any way a 'business' 20:14:11 < slinger> because freenode is home to many of us 20:14:21 < joepie91> so yes, businesses are sold all the time, absolutely true, and also completely irrelevant to the matter at hand 20:14:21 < wright> CTech: i don't want him killing another network – see snoonet 20:14:21 < brabo> and home, it is, to many of us 20:14:24 < CTech> and does it matter who owns it? 20:14:25 < brabo> a trusted home 20:14:28 < slinger> YES 20:14:34 < wright> i don't want a freenodecoin actually 20:14:38 < CTech> its a home to me too 20:14:39 < brabo> where we feel safe from predatorial companies trying to own us 20:14:40 < moonshin1> probably, nothing will come of this that will matter to the average user. and if it does, it will happen at the project level on a longer timeline and maybe some will move to other networks. life moves on 20:14:45 <@trobotham> bab: I agree, I love freenode myself and the communities in it 20:14:50 <@trobotham> brabo: * 20:15:03 < CTech> ^ 20:15:05 < catgirl> unrelated to the current topic, am i correct in the assumption that rasengan did co-found handshake? 20:15:05 < slinger> freenode is great because the people run it are passionate about foss and community 20:15:14 < brabo> trobotham: if that is so, deop yourself and distance yourself from rasengan ;) 20:15:17 <@Foxy> freenode is a platform designed for developers to improve their ideas and grow. i don't see anyone of you doing any of that. just spamming with hate. 20:15:25 < mefistofeles> we could just avoid all the drama and just leave... that's an option 20:15:30 < wright> no freenode is a network for open source software and peer directed projects 20:15:33 < wright> have you even read the fucking site 20:15:36 < slinger> which, i'm sorry, but mister lee here isn't real passionate about anything more than himself 20:15:49 < brabo> mefistofeles: that would deprive us from our fridaynight entertainment, don't blaspheme please 20:16:00 < notif> Foxy: go back to ycombinator 20:16:02 < CTech> if that was the case, why would he fund freenode at all? 20:16:11 < eeeeeta> why does rasengan even care about the freenode domain when he started Handshake 20:16:13 < wright> some rich people buy boats 20:16:19 < wright> to go fuck around in and be an idiot 20:16:25 < slinger> where exactly does that money go? 20:16:25 <@Foxy> why do you care what rasengan does? 20:16:29 < CTech> ^ 20:16:34 < slinger> because it effects us 20:16:35 <@Foxy> he's free to buy and own what he wants 20:16:36 < brabo> CTech: he needs some unwitting entity to launder those mt gox coins through 20:16:45 < joepie91> Foxy: lol fuck off 20:16:47 < wright> he's not free to seize control of a network he's never had operation control over 20:16:49 < moonshin1> i'm less concerned about where the money came from, but where it went 20:16:51 <@Foxy> joepie91 be nice 20:16:58 < CTech> joepie91 truth hurt? :) 20:17:03 < slinger> literally who are you Foxy 20:17:05 < brabo> moonshin1: that is what he tries to fool us into thinking 20:17:11 < joepie91> ah yes, be nice to the person spewing some hypercapitalist bullshit 20:17:16 < brabo> but no proof there was ever any money donated 20:17:17 < brabo> :p 20:17:18 < mefistofeles> ok, this is a shitshow... as expected 20:17:19 < joepie91> of course 20:17:19 –!– mefistofeles [~mefistofe@unaffiliated/mefistofeles] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [] 20:17:22 < CTech> does it have to be a debate? why not make it more civilized? 20:17:22 <@trobotham> moonshin1: what money? 20:17:35 < joepie91> “he's free to exploit the public commons! it's his right!” 20:17:35 < slinger> CTech: just shut up 20:17:36 < joepie91> lol 20:17:42 < CTech> slinger calm down 20:17:50 < Tamara> CTech: get tae 20:17:50 < brabo> CTech: civilised went out when rasengan tried to pull this stunt, and the backfire that happens.. it was sollicited 20:17:53 < moonshin1> well brabo this is not even a full day of discussion. i'm level headed enough to be able to ask that question a couple days from now when maybe there's more sunlight on the topic 20:17:53 <@Foxy> everyone needs to calm down 20:17:55 < wright> can andrew speak to outstanding legal issues with other people he's been in “business” with 20:17:59 <@Foxy> it is not the end of the world 20:18:04 <@Foxy> nor is it the end of freenode 20:18:06 < CTech> brabo, are you a sheep then? 20:18:09 < joepie91> Foxy: we're all perfectly calm, we just don't buy your nonsense 20:18:16 < CTech> to copy ones actions? 20:18:16 < wright> rasengan: still waiting on that proof for the toamw threat allegation – i don't think you should leave that hanging for too long 20:18:21 < CTech> certainly seems so 20:18:28 < brabo> CTech: i am a user speaking out of my own volition against a predator 20:18:35 < Tamara> the staff are preparing to resign, this is possibly the end of freenode 20:18:45 < Tamara> that's not an unreasonable outcome 20:18:50 < moonshin1> not everything is going to be answered in one day. this has played out over months so slow your roll 20:18:58 –!– sklv1 [~sklv@gateway/tor-sasl/sklv] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account sklv] [realname sklv] 20:19:00 <@Foxy> joepie91 why? cause you can't think outside of the box? you need someone to tell how to think and feel all the time? 20:19:08 < brabo> Tamara: they were preparing, but community backfire may change the illusion rasengan held of taking over the network 20:19:18 < brabo> and if not, we fork off and leave him empty handed 20:19:18 –!– saturn2 [~visitant@unaffiliated/clone-of-saturn/x-2509460] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account cloneofsaturn] [realname Through the waves of lies] 20:19:26 <@Foxy> a predator? 20:19:27 <@Foxy> lol 20:19:28 < brabo> it is a hassle, but it will happen if he persists 20:19:29 –!– rcf [] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account rcf] [realname rcf] 20:19:36 < wright> WHY DO YOU CARE they scream as the entire userbase threatens to leave 20:19:36 < Tamara> oh good god trying to accuse sven of not being able to think is rich 20:19:41 < brabo> Foxy: we have seen nothing to show otherwise ;) 20:19:48 < moonshin1> you're not speaking for the entire userbase 20:19:49 –!– Sebastius [sid106552@revspace/participant/sebastius] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Sebastius] [realname Sebastius] 20:19:52 –!– Reinhilde [ellenor@unaffiliated/ellenor] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Ellenor] [realname Ellenor Bjornsdottir] 20:19:53 < moonshin1> most people don't actually care 20:20:00 <@not-quite-uptime> Tamara: so you think the staff are what make freenode freenode? 20:20:10 < brabo> moonshin1: actually most people do care, and already are factoring in moving networks 20:20:12 < slinger> partly so 20:20:16 < brabo> it is a little hassle, not a big one 20:20:20 < Tamara> I think that freenode is freenode. not a domain 20:20:26 < brabo> no one rather would have to, but many will ;) 20:20:29 <@Foxy> people move networks all the time, that is nothing new 20:20:30 < moonshin1> no, you're wrong. this is a tiny slice of people in this discussion. you do not speak for everybody 20:20:31 < brabo> Tamara: exactly 20:20:51 <@not-quite-uptime> Tamara: yet if the staff quit, it's somehow all going to be over? 20:20:52 < brabo> moonshin1: yeah and you are not noticing most of the community taking a backseat and following events closely 20:21:00 < brabo> because idk, you are not in touch with them, maybe? 20:21:03 < Tamara> the staff control the infrastructure, so yes 20:21:13 < moonshin1> if by “most” you mean the count of users in this chan and #freenode then it's relatively few. 20:21:27 <@not-quite-uptime> staff come and go all the time, I'm not sure why you think them leaving is that big of a deal 20:21:29 < wright> it's going to be over because the userbase will also not stand for what you're doing 20:21:30 < CTech> [21:21] (Tamara) the staff control the infrastructure, so yes << can always be new staff 20:21:32 < brabo> not-quite-uptime: then we move, and you can sadly watch the usercount drop and drop and.. 20:21:46 < CTech> lol 20:21:49 <@Foxy> do anyone of yall know how to manage a network in this size or structure? 20:21:54 < Tamara> where does the new infra come from? 20:21:56 < brabo> i do 20:21:56 < wright> do you? 20:21:57 < joepie91> Foxy: look, we all know that you and rasengan's other cronies are just here to make noise and pad the illusion support for his bizarre takeover attempt 20:21:57 <@not-quite-uptime> brabo to be fair it's been dropping regardless 20:22:00 <@Foxy> brabo once again you can't speak for everyone 20:22:01 < brabo> Foxy: do you? 20:22:02 <@not-quite-uptime> shout out to matrix for holding it up 20:22:05 < joepie91> illusion of* 20:22:06 <@Foxy> that is your opinion 20:22:07 < moonshin1> you were free to do that anytime. this is irc and it's nothing new to those of us who have been on irc since before efnet 20:22:10 < wright> Foxy: do you route australia to NA or Europe? 20:22:16 < brabo> not-quite-uptime: wait until i get matthew alone though 20:22:18 < brabo> :p 20:22:28 < CTech> brabo, whats your irc network? is it on ? maybe 50000+ users? i doubt it 20:22:30 < CTech> :) 20:22:33 < moonshin1> this kind of drama is par for the course, welcome to irc? 20:22:40 <@Foxy> lol 20:22:43 < brabo> CTech: i don't “own” a network 20:22:46 <@Foxy> moonshin1 exactly 20:22:52 < brabo> i am not that presumptious ;) 20:22:53 < CTech> right, have you ever? 20:22:58 * Anastasius farts effusively 20:22:59 <@Foxy> apparently not 20:23:05 <@Foxy> it has no idea how to run a network 20:23:06 < [[> I own a network on localhost 20:23:09 < CTech> then you wouldn't know 20:23:15 < CTech> [[ cool :) 20:23:26 < brabo> CTech: because i am not so presumptious to think i own a network? 20:23:34 < slinger> does your technet experience make you the go-to authority on network management? 20:23:40 –!– doge [~doge@antispammeta/suchmeta/botters.doge] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account doge] [realname doge] 20:23:41 <@Foxy> lol 20:23:42 < brabo> that is some twisted logic that fits right in with todays story ;) 20:23:42 < catgirl> the andrew lee on twitter (wright brought up earlier) claims to be co-founder of hns – and so does rasengan if i got that correctly? are there two andrew lees not only within handshake but also both founders, or is one of them not telling the truth? 20:23:52 < catgirl> all of the irc protocol bickering aside 20:24:05 < CTech> slinger, not at all, although i probably know how to manage a network better than most in here 20:24:14 < slinger> hehe i bet 20:24:20 < CTech> :) 20:24:22 < brabo> catgirl: nice catch, what is hns abbreviation of? 20:24:41 <@Foxy> lol 20:24:46 < catgirl> the handshake dns thing 20:25:05 < moonshin1> it would be simple enough for andrew to insert a dns record to prove who he is, but i mean, what's the point? in any crime, what's the motive 20:25:28 < moonshin1> is he after that insane profit potential? 20:25:29 < brabo> the handshake coin? 20:25:30 < Reinhilde> I'm just a snuggly fox 20:25:42 < CTech> hehe :) 20:25:47 < slinger> i thought you were a husky 20:25:47 <@rasengan> catgirl: 2 – 20:25:52 < slinger> did your fursona change? 20:26:03 –!– Anastasius [Anastasius@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/anastasius] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [“YOU! WHAT PLANET IS THIS?!”] 20:26:12 < Tamara> oh no furry time 20:26:19 < moonshin1> this isn't rizon 20:26:28 < wright> thank god – andrew bought oper on rizon too 20:26:28 < catgirl> rasengan: okay now that's a pretty funny coincidence 20:26:29 < CTech> far from it 20:26:41 <@Foxy> hahahahahaahhah 20:26:44 <@Foxy> that's bull shit 20:26:44 –!– Tamara [~Tamara@unaffiliated/tamara] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [“x3 pounces on u and nuzzles ur coup attempt rawr”] 20:26:48 <@Foxy> you can't buy oper on rizon 20:26:50 <@Foxy> try again 20:26:52 < slinger> uh 20:26:55 < slinger> yeah you can 20:26:55 < wright> hahaha 20:26:59 <@Foxy> no you can not 20:27:01 < wright> are you new 20:27:02 < Reinhilde> slinger, me? I was a dragon before becoming a fox 20:27:05 < Reinhilde> Ellenor is still a husky 20:27:05 < slinger> that's literally how anyone becomes oper 20:27:06 < wright> is this your first day 20:27:06 <@Foxy> you must be 20:27:16 <@Foxy> bullshit 20:27:19 < CTech> none of you even know who Foxy is lol 20:27:20 < wright> you can buy a disputed crown prince title mate 20:27:23 –!– Anastasius [Anastasius@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/anastasius] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account Anastasius] [realname Anastasius] 20:27:23 < Reinhilde> slinger, people can become oper for free on my IRC network ifI've known them long enough 20:27:32 < slinger> i mean on rizon 20:27:33 < Reinhilde> CTech, Rizon person? 20:27:35 <@not-quite-uptime> Are there any freenode-related questions before you all devolve off to rizon related stuff? 20:27:41 < slinger> you buy them a pretty server and you get oper rights 20:27:44 < Reinhilde> not-quite-uptime, :D 20:27:45 * moonshin1 taps out 20:27:47 < CTech> not gknna say 20:27:50 < Reinhilde> no, I'm just here for the lafs 20:27:51 <@Foxy> i guess next you gonna say that's how people buy o:line on dalnet and undernet 20:27:52 < CTech> not-quite-uptime i agree 20:27:54 <@Foxy> yall are funny 20:27:58 –!– dzho [~dzho@unaffiliated/dzho] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account dzho] [realname Unknown] 20:28:09 < wright> i've got some freenode related questions 20:28:09 < brabo> not-quite-uptime: the questions have been asked, we're still waiting for the answers 20:28:23 < Anastasius> Excuse me, I parted the channel incorrectly. Here we go. 20:28:27 –!– Anastasius [Anastasius@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/anastasius] has left #freenode-staff-discussion [“Do fish vaginas smell like humans?”] 20:28:28 < brabo> so in the meantime we're just going to be irc users in a channel where the answers don't come 20:28:40 < Reinhilde> bro... 20:28:41 < wright> rasengan: where did the money go, why are the accounts not up to date, why don't they come close to reflecting how much you claim to have invested, can you please prove the allegations against tomaw fairly quickly 20:28:49 <@Foxy> what money 20:28:51 <@not-quite-uptime> brabo: I came in late so I most probably missed them then, sorry 20:28:56 < Reinhilde> Foxy, money involved in freenode ltd 20:28:59 < brabo> not-quite-uptime: then do not pretend to know it all 20:29:06 < Reinhilde> good god, we need to bring in jim browning 20:29:09 <@not-quite-uptime> brabo I never claimed to 20:29:17 < brabo> bad bad op 20:29:18 < wright> 20:29:19 < wright> money 20:29:29 <@rasengan> wright: As I explained, those aren't questions I can answer as I wasn't involved in operations. As for the tomaw part, that will come out. 20:29:37 < slinger> when though 20:29:38 <@Foxy> soon 20:29:44 < wright> rasengan: you really shouldn't wait on backing up that libel 20:30:00 < slinger> you can't just accuse the head of freenode staff of threats and not provide proof 20:30:00 < brabo> wright: LOL at buzztiaans comment. he gets free shit from me next time i hop over! 20:30:02 <@rasengan> It's not libel. 20:30:08 < [[> rasengan: Why do you want full access to freenode if you're not going to do anything? 20:30:14 < Reinhilde> jeeze dude. 20:30:29 <@Foxy> just like you can't accuse rasengan of a hostile take over 20:30:41 < Reinhilde> You grew up and became a psychopath. I remember when I was an irc victim, which it's alleged you was too. 20:30:42 < wright> he's been training with kakashi hatake all this time 20:30:48 < slinger> yes but we have several days of irc logs to prove that 20:30:48 < wright> wait 20:30:52 < wright> that's chidori fuck 20:31:03 < joepie91> I certainly can accuse rasengan of a hostile takeover 20:31:11 < CTech> proof? 20:31:11 < joepie91> and have done so 20:31:12 < wright> i'm fairly sure i can too 20:31:20 < joepie91> and will continue to do so unless credible proof shows otherwise 20:31:20 < slinger> oh okay 20:31:22 < brabo> i have done so too 20:31:23 < slinger> they want proof 20:31:23 < Reinhilde> Well, technically it was Ellenor what was an IRC victim. IRC gives you PTSD. This is a thing. It's not in the literature because nobody has bothered to document it 20:31:26 < slinger> do we have proof? 20:31:32 < brabo> and with 0 evidence to the contrary.. 20:31:33 < CTech> if you could all provide logs, that would be awesome 20:31:36 < CTech> slinger Yeah 20:31:37 <@Foxy> you haven't shown any proof it is a hostile take over 20:31:40 < Reinhilde> nobody goes to seek attention. Instead, they turn to drugs, or as I did, feminizing hormone therapy 20:31:56 < slinger> 2021-05-11 12:54:16 < rasengan> Hey Freenode Staff! Hope you're well. A message from the official board of Freenode Limited, owner of the freenode IRC network: kevinp is in charge of infrastructure and has been legally resolved into this position by the board of Freenode. Please work with him to get his access and credentials in place smoothly. 20:32:04 < joepie91> Foxy: actually, I didn't have to, because rasengan provided it for me 20:32:08 < wright> you know what screams “peaceful transition” to me? lawyers! 20:32:17 < brabo> Foxy: that is again the deflect of darvo. after hours of being pressed into proving this is not a hostile takeover, what do you expect people make of his attempt? 20:32:21 < joepie91> which makes everything so much easier! 20:32:24 < [[> rasengan: Why do you want kevinp to be an IRC operator? 20:32:25 <@not-quite-uptime> wright: doesn't sound like that was the first choice for anyone 20:32:27 < brabo> 0 proof his claims are truthful 20:32:29 < wright> 16:02:02 < rasengan> Fuchs: The freenode limited board does not recognize you as a volunteer or any staff or operator of freenode. Please remove yourself from ops and operator status. Thank you. 20:32:30 < brabo> 0 20:32:32 < brabo> so 20:32:37 <@Foxy> lol 20:32:41 < brabo> you're not the victim here 20:32:46 <@Foxy> lol 20:32:49 < wright> 16:33:17 < rasengan> through, don't hesitate to send me a message privately. I believe a lot of what's happened here is forgivable and I am more than willing to give second chances and move on. If you would love to keep freenode running 20:32:53 < brabo> and we don't buy your twisting it to that fact 20:32:53 < wright> , we would love to have you. Please let me know 20:32:55 <@Foxy> poor snowflakes 20:33:03 < slinger> would you like more proof? 20:33:03 < Reinhilde> rasengan, it'd be appreciated if you brought the accounts on C'ies House up to date. 20:33:05 < brabo> Foxy: you'd make a good Q ;) 20:33:11 < wright> rasengan: you might want to get your PR in line 20:33:17 < wright> i don't think this channel's log is going to look great 20:33:18 <@Foxy> you havent' shown proof of anything 20:33:19 < brabo> we know these tactics 20:33:23 < brabo> nor has rasengan 20:33:27 <@Foxy> lol 20:33:30 <@rasengan> wright: lol 20:33:31 < brabo> so why would we believe him? 20:33:35 <@rasengan> wright: it is what it is. 20:33:44 < joepie91> Foxy: again, noone needs to show any proof of the hostile takeover, as rasengan has graciously provided it themselves 20:33:48 < wright> is your goal here to kill freenode before you get your hands on it 20:33:48 < Reinhilde> wright, I am willing to run a platform and put myself at risk to host full and uncensored logs. 20:33:48 <@Foxy> you think someone is obligated to show you anything, 20:33:51 < slinger> Foxy: i wasn't aware that freenode had umode +D 20:33:52 –!– notif [60e05662@] has quit [Quit: Connection closed] 20:33:57 < Reinhilde> slinger, it has just that. 20:34:01 < wright> you're going to be the least popular coup leader 20:34:16 < zoite> He’s the mad king 20:34:16 < brabo> Foxy: if they want the users to buy their story of being the knight in shining white armor, the burden of proof is in your court 20:34:28 < brabo> and surprise surprise, none was produced 20:35:06 < Reinhilde> wright, is it ok if I PM you? 20:35:12 < brabo> you seriously need either to get better at this (which if talentless chances are slim) or quit this game while you are very much not ahead.. 20:35:51 < wright> Reinhilde: sure 20:38:25 < squirrel> hello was afk (making soup) can i have a link to the decentralization plan please 20:38:43 –!– Nay [jeda@hellomouse/dev/jeda] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account JeDa] [realname JeDaYoshi] 20:38:53 <@not-quite-uptime> hope the soup was/is nice 20:39:16 < Reinhilde> oh good, jéda's here :/ 20:39:19 < squirrel> i put it into slow cooker, should be ready tomorrow morning, but smells pretty nice already 20:39:24 < Reinhilde> that's my signal to go dark 20:39:48 <@not-quite-uptime> hi jeda, long time no talk :p 20:40:10 < joepie91> squirrel: still no plan 20:40:17 < joepie91> or anything else of substance really 20:40:21 –!– bpalmer [~user@unaffiliated/bpalmer] has joined #freenode-staff-discussion [account bpalmer] [realname unknown] 20:40:24 < wright> 20:40:27 < wright> gonna spam this around innit 20:40:51 < joepie91> just an admission that rasengan believes his ownership of the domain extends to ownership of “the network”, and therefore believes that the opers are trying to do a “hostile takeover” of, y'know, the network that they themselves run 20:41:27 < Reinhilde> joepie91, what in hell 20:41:34 < joepie91> wright: why on earth can you not 'download as text' without logging into ubuntu stuff .. 20:41:34 < brabo> talk about twisting reality 20:41:47 < joepie91> Reinhilde: I wish I were making this up 20:42:26 < squirrel> joepie91: yeah what the hell ubuntu 20:42:35 < brabo> joepie91: because buntu 20:42:53 < brabo> and they for sure never tried to exort monies or control from anyone! 20:43:41 < wright> joepie91: do you have a better pastebin 20:43:47 < Nay> Reinhilde, I have been looking for a while 20:43:50 < wright> i wasnted bpaste but my paste was too big and round 20:43:53 < Nay> not only here but on #freenode too 20:43:57 < Nay> also, why go dark? 20:43:59 < Nay> also, hi not-quite-uptime 20:44:59 < Reinhilde> joepie91, ye 20:45:06 < Reinhilde> Nay, what 20:45:21 < Nay> nothing, really 20:46:00 < slinger> gist is nice for big stuff but... 20:47:15 < joepie91> wright: no concrete recommendations, I tend to use gists 20:47:22 < joepie91> but they do require a github acc 20:47:35 < [[> joepie91:,, 20:47:48 < slinger> is bpaste 20:48:09 < Reinhilde> I have my own home directory on my website 20:48:10 < joepie91> wright: also, the paste goes in the round hole :^) 20:48:21 < joepie91> err, the square hole* 20:48:25 < wright> i'll go gist then 20:48:27 < joepie91> well I fucked up that joke

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