.:. ::: ! (o) These are words Ramo Wrote.


I make music. My entire life on and off. Started with the violin at age 6 and went from there..

Here is a synthesizer track I made in real-time with the #korg iMonoPoly and the #Moog #Animoog – piped into #audiobus3 and recorded with #audioshare, briefly mastered in #yamaha / #steinberg #cubasis3


26 minutes of ego-dissolution, some sonic healing brain copaceticisms, and well it’s my style. I make soundscapes far more than ai chase a melody, just see how it it’s you and hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the art for the track, which is called “Well, Hello, Old Friend.”

Now, Back to cooking my breakfast..

Beef Pastrami Top Round and Swiss Corn Tortilla Fold Over Tacos , first one is cooked with Chipotle Powder and second with Purple Shredded Cabbage and no Chipotle powder. (will try and add a photo before I eat them up.) A side of #cbd isolate infused honey wheat toast with apricot preserves is the desert/aperitif.

Bon Appetit!

Hasta !

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth