so i wonder why i have a blog, but i do anyway..

i am pretty sure i am just writing this stuff for myself, because i dont know that anyone is actually reading these.

i haven’t gotten anyone to use submit,as for months, and i wish i could stop paying for it, but i should just contact support, because there doesnt seem to be any way to remove it.

i wonder if swapping it for is easier, or or whatever its called....


i also wonder, what is the future of this country, and where it all going

i also wonder why people are so under developed in their deep personality and content with emulating either authority figures or celebrity or whatnot., (they must watch tv) (it shows and its sad) precious few people try to be themselves, or learn what that even is...

anyway, i feel like ive said all this before and i know ive thought all of it so many times its not even the slightest bit entertaining, its just here to fill space...

have a great day !

did you know the japanese artists define things by the space that isnt defined moreso than the things that are so the way the leaves and reeds and so on are positioned in sumie, is more about what the white space looks like than anything else..., food for thought

so go claim some white space and create something

i think its now time for a walk even tough tis cold outside...

wish i had someone to come with me.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth