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are phones there nationalized or are they paying for them? either way, this is something that I think would generate a civil insurrection in the united states. there would be places that would probably end up being molotov’d and such, if the people who had not wanted to get the shots had their mobile internet taken away.

please note, i really hope none of the above occurs, it would not be good for the united states.

also note, i really hope the summer is not as fucked up as it’s somewhat looking like it may or may not be, in certain aspects and regards.

*** here’s to a peaceful, happy and healthy summer ***

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

so its been a while and i dont even really know why I do this thing..

but that doesn’t mean I’m getting rid of it. for one, i still need to get back into therapy, because my old one quit when he turned 80. but i just like the idea of having a professional person to talk to that doesn’t unwarrantedly talk shit, and has some training into the mechanization of the human mind. it’s comforting somewhat, and i don’t dislike it.

finding a good one is tricky, most of them are too judge-mental or too busy taking notes. Jim, the last one, didn’t take notes and I loved that about him. It was incredible because it literally just felt like a friend who occasionally asked very specific questions after a while, he was a very wonderful therapist. I asked him how he remembered stuff and he said he just listened with an open heart an open pair of ears, person to person.

I wonder how many therapists out there are like that. He said also that he didn’t judge, but always listened with curiosity and would occasionally ask things in a very particular way to aide in his understanding of things, if it wasn’t making sense to him as to why I was talking about a certain thing, much like a friend would do. Jim was neat.

I didn’t intend on writing about that, but it’s not an issue anyway. I opened the client without any idea what I wanted to write about.

Most of you who are tech folks like tech things. I don’t. I was explaining this to a friend today, I like it when computers just work, I don’t like working to make computers work, or finding out how to fix them when they are not. I did when I was younger, and thats where the money in computer work is, but it’s not fun as a job, it’s not even fun when you’re not getting paid. I’d rather smash it than fix it, so it’s not a good match to (and I’m joking, I’d rather just leave it alone and go outside if it’s being stubborn and ignore it..) It’s too, “alien.” at least most people or most physical type tasks give clear indication as to why something isn’t working,without having to learn specialized languages or error codes to understand it. Safe to say I am not a computer techno junkie anymore, and I am fully okay with that.

In my twenties I had a closet with ten computers though, at least it sounded like there were ten but there were actually four in there. and I had four monitors, it was ridiculous.... There was no need for that but I thought there was at the time. On the left was linux, then a bsd server, then a windows box fully tilted to the hilt, i had hacked the registry a great deal and made it very very stable.. i had gotten windows xp running for 439 days without having to reboot it, and it only needed to reboot because a power outage from a storm had turned it off... I was using it daily for photoshop, and firefox with about 80 tabs running.. it was ridiculously robust... had basically re-configured the kernel to the point where there were two system services running.. kernel32.dll and sys.bat or something of that nature, so the thing could turn on and access a dos shell. otherwise, there was not a damn thing running on it, and it was literally the most stable implementation of windows i’ve ever used.. it was the original unpatched release cd build as well, no service packs.. build 2600... funny as it were.

2600 are good folks btw, most people think they’re dirty hackers, they’re not. they’re much more interested in just having a nice life, and they do make a cool magazine though.

anyway this post has no point, so i’m done now...


oh and irc is not dead. it will never be dead. but if you freenode, forget about that im not following it, but the whole thing is a damn mess...

with love! over and out

oh and i ran into my neighbor today the girl with the dredlocks, we talked for a half hour or so then my friend from san francisco came over because she was in the area, and i hadnt seen her since 2008! that was super cool and we hung out for a few hours, and chatted :) it was really nice to see her again. my cat hissed, but eventually warmed up to her, which is good because she’s a friendly cat, and my friend is a nice person. :) i wanted the two to get along.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

159-2021-tidy-boxes-and-spiky-ones tiny boxes and tidy boxes, who’s boxes are clean and who’s boxes are generating spike proteins?

*** let it be said straight out of the gate that i am not passing judgement on the vaccinated, i do respect them, and this article is about something i was wondering about today and the day before..*** proceed

derp de derp.. so it’s been stated in several places that the spike proteins migrate to the ovaries and testes, once they’ve liberated themselves from the injection site, in the arm… (you would be amazingly dumb to assume they stay there, because the thing goes into your blood, and your blood is a moving circulating thing..) but that was not the point, please continue reading..

  • okay so this makes dating and sharing bodily fluids weirder than ever, because if you don’t want this stuff in your system, that would prevent you from having sexual intercourse with people who have had the vaccine. Because odds are, it’s transmissible person to person, the spike proteins, that is Likely through saliva, and or other bodily fluids.
  • if this makes you uncomfortable sorry, you got here because two people had intercourse, and this article is a pondering about the future of keeping ones blood and dna/rna clean..
  • for those who are unpaired currently, like myself.

if you hadn’t considered that you may spread things like vaccines through your bodily fluids, you probably have been one of those persons who has never accidentally encountered blood during a sexual experience, no matter how gentle one is it’s bound to happen eventually. the minute you see it, that changes everything and you cannot un-think the possibility that something, something in them could now be on or inside of you. In some regard.

before I unleash the main point I will use the more tag


(image credited to: https://prace-ri.eu/)


2021-06-04 02:01:11 AM

so here we are in the year 2021, when dating is odd… its all been computerized, and algorithmically determinant. You may not realize it, but it/and the rest of the world is/has become far more programmed than one may think…

The computer shows you who/what it wants to, it presents things under buttons,boxes, profiles tidy little squares with labels..

The effect/affect on the mind is irrefutably per-mutated, twazzled and twisted all up and about.. This modern world is very ordered and structured, the patterns are irrefutable to those who can see them.

irrefutable. Inscrutible? No. Indefatigable..
okay, well then, where does this leave things?

In a strange place, that’s where.

*The algorithms sort your world invisibly without you even realizing the largess untoward and unto-which way the maths have made every-little-thing go or not appear, there-abouts.. That’s the tall and short of it. *


I cannot say that I like it. I remember back in the day, when I lived in San Francisco (and it may still be like this up there, but I’m not certain) you used to be able to hop on the bus, ride around and meet people on the bus itself! Or just out at Golden Gate park…


Granted this was in the pre-facial diaper period of recent history, and that likely changes things a bit since most people think you’re going to get the bird skurvy from just hanging out with someone or touching them, because they don’t understand science, and watch tv.


Also, don’t fashion me in a pidgeon hole I don’t belong in, I have to have some fun with the situation otherwise I’m literally going to just tell everyone what I actually think, and they won’t be able to handle the raw truth of it. so I’d rather vent in veiled platitudes of humor and grey scale verisimilitudes than bother to actually let everyone know what I’m really thinking. This is easier, I promise.


Also, this entry is incomplete.. but it may be edited and expanded upon later…

Oh yeah, I wanted to offer up some thought I had about hemp crete…

I feel the lumber market is being held artificially high to encourage all this hemp biomass from the past few years cbd rush to form a new market.. i see too many weird patterns in markets to just be wrong all of the time but im probably wrong some of the time.. but these occurances are usually not coincidental..

Hemp has an extremely high carbon sequestration affinity… also the warn on carbon is a war on human life not climate change.. take too much c02 out of the atmosphere and we all may cook to death if shit gets out of hand, its not going to offset this bullshit global warming thing but enhance it.. i will stop there.. i dont like this particular pulpit.. think of what the ocean does with c02.. for the answer to the riddle.. “nuff said

.. has something to do with carbon sequestration.. just watch it all roll out.. govt credits and tax breaks for green housing purchases or producers, initially, if i am correct. Or some type of carrot, see also: draught, etc…

see also: grift: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental,_social_and_corporate_governance

—- okay, I think we’re safely done for now..

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth


so here we are!

Well then, hello. So I’ve been spending the last few days largely being relaxed to varying degrees and not in others, but it’s all in stride, as it were. Have been working on this and that and art and such, and wondering what in the world is going on in the world, without thinking too hard about it.

I had a long 2.5 hour phone chat with a lady the other day, from OKCupid, she thought I was neat, I thought she was neat, but the feeling was that she wouldn’t be calling back.. If she does, that would be neat, but I left the ball in her court, because that felt appropriate. I don’t want to pursue, I want to have it happen naturally, if it’s to happen. If she wants to talk again, she’s got my number. :–) It was a lovely chat though!


I’ve finally ordered some orgonite, and am very very excited to receive it. I’m wondering how long it will take to feel it. I’m tempted to build a succorpunch, as well. But it’s a pretty crazy device, so I’m not entirely sure I want to do that.


Etheric tools… are important.


This blog has zero direction whatsoever, but I wanted to let you know that I’m here, I’m happy, and I’m enjoying life. I hope you are too.

I am very grateful, and wanted to say, thank you, to you the reader, and to everything in this world for existing and being so wonderful. :–)

May you be blessed, and revel in your cosmic and planetary journey.


until the next entry ~ !

:–) Be well, be love, be loved.


~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

Well Then..

I’ve found some bad religion concerts from through the years, on youtube and this is most fabulous because I quite enjoy them, and have since I was in high school…

What’s most satisfying perhaps is the “On The Way” live one, because they are just ripping grooves in the space time of the audience, and well – mmm. It sounds great. I have only seen them a few times live, but it was always fantastic..


So with that being said, here you go.. Enjoy ! I know I did.

Talk with you later, nothing personal in this entry, other than I used to listen to them literally every day on the way to and from high school, and on road trips.. :-D

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth


“The heart speaketh of purity within, nestled deep abreast the chasms of your soul, for it is there where true love strikes, and is felt for an eternity.”

I like this a lot, and I welcome it, the external version of that, and I’m content with the internal version of that. :–) > Grins.. I wrote this like, when I was 19 years old.. Just found the post it note yesterday.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

in many ways i think people are being played like musical instruments, and it’s really not fun to watch. also, in many ways i think this has been going on since the beginning of time, and is nothing specifically new. and in so many ways, i’m not actually complaining about anything, just observing something out loud that i wish would stop, because it’s beginning to be a real pain in the ass, in so many ways. this is also not a haiku, or a very entertaining poem, in so many ways.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth


(and it’s in your head the whole time, anyway.)

There’s a real funny thing when you’re upset about things, and you can’t control them, but they’re not you but someone you care about, just going apeshit grinding away at a broken record, and you’ve finally let your mind slip into an old pattern because you get bored of engaging them in the way that YOU are SUPPOSED TO, and THEY are not responsive, at all, to reason, rationale, emotion, or logic, and default to the same broken ass behavior, all one can do is either walk away, or slowly accept that they are unwilling to change their behavior…

There’s really nothing else to do.. The sad thing is, when they’re convinced they’re trying to help you, and they’re driving themselves mad doing it, and won’t listen to your heartfelt words.

I wanted to write about this from a respectful perspective, because there’s no other way to do it… I’m not going to say who I am speaking about, but I am going to say this: They have this assumption.. They are unwilling to change, or it feels and seems (circumstantially, they are unwilling to change it, until they see something that indicates they can change it..)

and the opinion is painful to hear, over and over again, and it’s actually really annoying, and disheartening in a sense. in many ways. It’s been an axe that will not grind down, and an axe that will not go away. but eventually the person holding the axe dies, and I am not wishing for that.
——- The person trying to help is trying to help, but it’s not useful, or maybe I’m naieve and a real piece of shit, but I dont think that way, because I am my biggest fan, and not intentionally cruel or rude or mean to ANYONE. ——-

So this is nebulous, and is going to remain that way, because I wish to not be offensive to anyone whom I love, and I am not in therapy right now, so this is the best I can do, because they are unwilling to accept that when I got beat up, I did not have something go awry in my brain.

I did however spend the next 13 years smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, and smoking a lot of pot, which made my body upset, and they’ve not understood this no matter how much I’ve explained it to them.

Now that I don’t do these things anymore to my body, I’ve already put on 9 pounds in the last few weeks (3 weeks,) and am sleeping better than ever, and getting things done more-so that I want to.

The amazing thing, is they’re still holding this image of a broken me..

It’s not my problem, and I don’t blame anyone, because if I did those things, I would be putting myself in a holding pattern, and then I would be unable to grow.


There’s a real big point here: When you respond to someone else’s thoughts and don’t allow yourself to be your authentic self, and present to the world and to yourself how YOU want to, YOU are being inauthentic.

Some may say it’s caring, but I feel it’s the symptomology of Codependence. THis is a very hard entry to write for me.

Not because of the wording, but because of the feelings attached to it. I know I spelled symptomoly wrong above and right here too, but at the moment I don’t give a fuck. Deal with it.


I’m hoping that before she dies, my mother understands I’ve just seemed like I have been broken, and I have not actually been broken, but I have been procedurally broken. In that I was breaking myself, without realizing it, after the injuries from the 4 person assault and the car accident, and moving 1,000sq ft of furniture myself after the assault had healed…


Now, if there’s a slim chance she’s right, and I’m brain damaged, It would be entirely possible my brain would hide this from me, to protect the ego… But


I do think someone would have told me by now, other than them.


It’s a lot to put here, out in the open, but you know what? I’m a private person, but I’m also a person who is sharing and open when people talk with me, and I enjoy that aspect of myself.

*** A big part of healing is being able to discuss something, to put it out there in the open space so it can be seen clearly and looked at. ***

I don’t like paying for therapy, and my therapist I had for a few years retired at the age of 80 years old, and I wished him well, and we don’t talk anymore because he’s cool, and I wished him a good rest of his life and he’s old and shit and who am I to bother him? He’s retired!


So this entry exists.. and If you’re reading this, I am grateful.


~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

# 2021-05-26 02:57:48 AM


had a fantastic pizza with mom in town at a place we had driven by many times but never stopped into. its at the corner of a stripmall and has been there for forty years.

apparently, the recipe has been unchanged as well for equally as long, the dough is hand stretched and made fresh daily how it should be, and the pizza was DELICIOUS.

You could smell the stuff from the parking lot, if that tells you anything..

There were little kids running all around in one end of the restaurant and we were seated on the other side which was quiet, and had two baseball games playing on modestly sized maybe 20-30 inch screens, old ones, and at a low volume as to not be annoying as hell, unlike some places which don’t seem to understand people want to have a conversation there.

It was absolutely amazing food and afterwards we spoke with the owner for a good 20 minutes or so, and decided to go back there another time. :–)

santinos in ventura is the name of the place and you can visit www.santinospizzaparlor.com to check them out! They need the support, they were basically closed inside for nearly a year due to the corvad thing.


~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

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