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2021-05-21 20:02:35 PM

todays blog entry:


you know, i like california a lot. I also like the idea of being able to have the life autonomy i want to have, and i dont want to do the same thing as everyone else, necessarily, or be told what to do, by any large body that pretends to be my parents. meaning – a human being should be allowed to live freely as they wish as long as they are not harming other people directly with their direct actions. thats where some people get confused. we are entering the era of thought crimes, it seems, or where you can be viewed negatively for not doing something, because it’s not actually known what the things consequences are or are not.

I’m talking about what you think I’m talking about indeed, but more specifically this is just the tip of this ice burg and it not a concept that is going to go anywhere soon. because if this is one thing they can get over all of you, why do you think they’d stop there? and why would they? it means they have broken your spirit and will to assert yourself… your liberty… etc.


i’m also not advocating or talking about an uprising of any sort, i’m talking about simply doing what you want, and nothing you dont. but not being violent about it, or stupid about it, or blaise, or bragadaccio about it. I mean to say, if you dont want to do something, just don’t do it. if you feel something is not in your best interests, just don’t do it.

that’s all.


and i feign to say this but it seems, that the day is coming where one has to decide what country in the world or area or geographic locale is safe to live like this, simply as it were.

is that the truth of the matter? i really don’t know, but i’m looking to find out.

perspective is relative, to the observer but i do observe a lot outside myself and frame of reference, and talk to many and collect much data..


one thing is for sure, you sure as hell wont find me doing anything i dont want to, and i will not submit to external mandates that infringe upon my birthright as a peaceful inhabitant of this planet, to do a thing or not do a thing.

i have nothing but respect for those who have chosen to do the thing, but i dont want to do the thing.

that’s all i’m going to write here for now.

if you have any idea on where a safe country or area to live is, and you know so declaratively, please email me and explain what you know. thanks. i’ll read every response, sincerely.


^^^ email.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

2021-05-19 17:52:16 PM

i need to do something productive today that isnt just banging away at this keyboard.. but right now it seems that banging away at this keyboard is what i am doing, because i dont have a drivers liscense, and i dont have gas.

i’m working on getting my drivers liscense back but i wanted to say it has nothign to do with substances so please dont assume that, and also i did not hit anyone or anything, so please dont assume that either. everyone makes mistakes while driving periodically but i have always taken the care to be a very good driver.

anyway, so right now i wish to be seeing the sunset at the beach which is 5 miles away, from where i live, but instead of doing this i am inside my apartment, listening to a white noise generator, while typing on this keyboard, which is solar powered, and sitting here wondering what to do with the rest of my evening, when it gets dark. I’ve been up since 8 something, and then went back to bed until 10 something, and i have to remember today to close my window before midnight, because there is this person who smokes every night around then and its caught me off guard as i’ve been sitting here at midnight at my computer station several times, and it is terrible.


i sometimes wonder how this world is put together outside of the esoteric and metaphysical things ive read over the years, and wonder how much of all that is just some bullshit consensus reality that’s been passed on either through texts and repetition or if any of it is actually valid and holds any creedence at all.


it’s bizarre to consider that nobody knows anything but we can force things into existence, and i do sometimes wonder if thats the only way anything actually happens, and just how far we sit outside of the natural order… after all we are the only species that seems to pull things out of the ground for purposes other than mating, eating, or similar.

there are other things i wonder about too, lots of them really.

a lot more these days than when i was a kid, although when i was a kid, it seemed that there was endless wonder, and i still have that as an adult, but the funny thing is i dont consider myself an “adult” just a person who is on this planet, this green and blue earth thing.

i wonder often what the point of all this is, and i wonder if i will ever find a mate. a partner. because i don’t seem to notice any particular mechanism to meet one, and i dont seem to notice that there are any particular women around that i want to be with, they all seem to be out in other reaches of the world. the funny thing is this is an entirely simple issue and only a matter of the internet being there, the issue of “they are all elsewhere.” but back to the original issue=– i am a well meaning, kind, and i think fairly interesting 38 year old male (almost 39 in January, I will turn 39.) and i have not been married, and i have no life partner, in the sense of a biological female that occupies the same living space that i do.

i would be lying to you if i told you this does not bother me

click to read the rest of this, and it’s not negative whatsoever, but there’s about as much text after you click read more as there was preceding it.


read at your own risk. its pretty stupid. but if you know why im sharing this, you know why im sharing this. not for any reason other than it’s amazing that this kind of thing happens, and all this energy! into this for ehhh! for what?! #freenode



2021-05-16 02:45:22 AM

this is the quicknote function in MDwriter… or whatever it’s called.

I wanted to write a random blog entry, and I feel I may do that.

hello there, world, how are you doing this evening? I feel you need to know that it’s a beautiful time to be alive, and that you should consider doing something that makes you happy.


it goes a long way, and do something that makes someone else happy too.

give a smile, give a compliment, open a door, genuinely listen to someone.

anything is better than nothing and it all goes a long long way.

here’s a photo I took at the beach today:

it’s 8.8 megs and PNG, so it may take a moment to show up. the lyft driver on the way back was amaaazing to talk with, and i think perhaps i made a new friend! we talked about stand up comedy, art, consciousness, and a bunch of other stuff. check out his work here:

Jimtheditor on twitter

I told him about mastodon, he loved the idea.

oh, and also i have ordered some herbs. they’re on the way.

  • lomatium
  • myrrh
  • nettle
  • and the pure siberian fir oil has already arrived, and it’s a game changer. (abies sibericus)

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

<!DOCTYPE html>

2021-05-14 22:02:10 PM

daycount quicknote in mweb.

this looks pretty damn neat on ios bigscreen versus the phone.. wow :) it was made for ipad not the other way around…

hello there omar

i love this!

table name type of table what the dilly hello there
footable one linear no dilly,yo, yo. hi
table two just a table yes lo

inline code would go here

May 14, 2021 at 10:04:29 PM

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth


Yes except this is a bad therapists wet dream. Because it enables a perpetual therapy loop.

The spiral is the multiverse of human experiential canvas and can be continually re adjusted during ones lifetime.

***It does not have to be just one thing. ***

This very concept is incredibly difficult to grasp and execute for upwards of 80% of the general population, for good reason-

the fear circuitry of the mind has to be entirely disabled or broken by the will to free the conscious mind up enough to allow for this play in the subconscious and within the experiential canvas of the person.

(Imho.) your mileage may vary.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

thanks to abebooks.com versus paying 24.99 on amazon.. :–) #supportindependentbooksellers #abebooks #reading #spirituality #consciousness all that manner of things..

great text, was given to me by an old san francisco neighbor, and i have not seen my copy in 7 years, and have been itching to read it again. so it will be here in 4-12 days. =woohoo= !

excellent book. if you haven’t read this i highly recommend it.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

the co-opting of social media by the established bankers is none other than a well crafted assertion of power and oweness unto the entire infra and the devices /portals / mirroring boards at hand. It’s in fact so well done and so psychologically complex, most would never identify it as such. furst doze, et hoc genus omne, and all derivatives.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth


i had a really powerful morning

spent some time with the life stream generator after my morning smoothie / coffee beverage and realized some things

PTSD has still played a large part in my social interactions, even recently, and it was largely invisible to me. I wonder if anyone else saw it and identified it before I did. Doesn’t matter, what matters is I’m writing this and growing. :–) Healing.

So, the other week I stumbled upon a new community of awesome people on the web, and I entered a video chat a group one, and at some point in the chat, I noticed the folk were stretching and it looked pretty healing, and they appeared strong and healthy, so I asked if I could pose a question, and asked about the shoulders and posture.

It was wholly un-realistic to expect any sort of answer, but my inner child was desperate and this was something I’ve been working on healing, self trust. For years. Since 2005 when I got in a real bad car crash, and my body wouldn’t even let me get into my bed at night without cradling my head with both hands, it became hard to trust my body.

First off though, I’d like to thank two people for providing and facilitating a safe space without having ever expected this coming, and having such elegance, and grace in doing so – and my apology is twofold – one, for surreptitiously exposing you to, and sharing my trauma with you, and two: An apology because that was inappropriate. I trust that you will understand this is my way of attempting to straighten out perceptive fabrics, and that also herein I’m realizing that I’ve attempted to gauge how safe a space was initially by exposing my worst life events, and seeing how the reaction was.

Not a great way to relate, but this why I’m apologizing, and this is what I realized while I was doing my lifestream session, and this is also likely coming up as today is day 18 of being a life-time non-smoker.

So, Russ Sharek, and Avalon, *in the fashion of Ho’PonoPono, * > Thank you. I’m sorry, Please forgive me. :–) Thank you.

Much aloha.


So this is the end of the entry, because I’ve already encapsulated everything I needed to say here, and to repeat things would just be iterative, and that is another thing about PTSD, it tends to compartmentalize short term memory to avoid further trauma or bad feelings.

In this case, these are all healing thoughts, and there are no bad feelings, just know in the future I intend our interactions to be far more appropriately contextual, and you needn’t worry about me dumping all manner of traumatic events into the deep blue open, this was an old pattern, that I have identified, and being that I am fearlessly and eternally dedicated to healing so that I may become a better person, to those who cross my path, and those who love me, and those in general out there in the world, this is reprogrammed.

Thanks so much!!!

and thank you for being my friend. It is an honor to have met both of you, I think highly of the two of you. :–)

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

this is so important:

Indian Hopi chief White Eagle commented a few days ago on the Covid-19 situation: ′′ This moment living humanity can be considered a door or a hole. The decision to fall in the hole or through the door is yours.

If you consume information 24 hours a day, with negative energy, constantly nervous, with pessimism, you will fall into this hole. But if you take the opportunity to look at yourself, to rethink life and death, to take care of yourself and care of others, you will pass the door.

Take care of your home, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual home. When you take care of yourself, you take care of others at the same time. Don't underestimate the spiritual dimension of this crisis. Adopt the perspective of an eagle that sees everything from above with a broader vision.

There is a social demand in this crisis, but also a spiritual demand. Both go hand in hand. Without the social dimension, we fall into bigotry. Without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and futility. You're ready to go through this crisis. Grab your toolbox and use all the tools available to you. Learn to resist by example of Indian and African peoples: we have been and continue to be exterminated. But we never stop singing, dancing, lighting fires and having joy.

Don't feel guilty for feeling lucky during these difficult times. Being sad and energy doesn't help at all. Resistance is endurance through joy!

You have a right to be strong and positive. You have to maintain a beautiful, cheerful and bright posture.

This has nothing to do with alienation (ignorance of the world). It's a resistance strategy. When we walk through the door, we have a new view of the world because we have faced our fears and difficulties.

Here's what you can do now: – Serenity in the storm – Keep calm, meditate daily – Make a habit of encountering the sacred every day. Show endurance through art, joy, trust and love

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth

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