This is something I think about a lot.

and their ability to only function as well as the best and worst programmers in terms of ..the level of human creativity involved.

With regard to or / on that subject of the team of that who/or which created the software.

Well .. it's a bit dicey from here, let us carry on.

Okay let's get real. Really really gritty just for a moment. Here we go..

Most of the world has absolutely no idea what they authentically enjoy that was not already handed to them in some sort of pre-fashioned, pre ordained,

Pre-confabulated.. Varietal product or lifestyle offering which has/or was carefully crafted by entire teams of people paid millions of dollars and designed under the guise and gussy of “product experience,” “consumer testing,” or “user experience” departments.

What they miss though is what individually some may be aware of- there is no consumer choice other than the inkling nudge to the famous Henry Ford quote-

“you can have it any way you like as long as it’s the color black.”

Which makes commerce work well in one sense. But makes for this in my opinion but is an absolutely terrible amalgam we tend to call “Westernization, and others call “homogenization.”

You see, I have spent my entire life fashions myself as an individual.

And while this is stark diametric contrast to what is generally presented or deemed “acceptable,” culturally, it works for me because the alternative sucks. (For me.)

I enjoy tremendously the agility and dexterity afforded by and to make up my own mind, and sometimes I like a product or sub-culture but mostly not.

I don’t fit in, and I’m more than okay with that. I don’t feel a need to fit in. I feel a need to live my life as it brings me the most joy.

Over the past twenty years or so, I see and find more and more people beginning to learn this is also a possibility for them, and in sharp contrast, we have more technology than ever which aims to re-cement this homogenized vantage of human perspective.

I am not here this morning to talk about me though, let’s go onward..

This is one dark facet of commercial enterprise, this homogenization thing.

It's extremely uni-polar by the virtue of its' very design because there are not a lot of ways to create a product that supports a company and “bring it to scale.”

To scale means “to be profitable and repeatable, in largess-” Make it as many times as possible and unload as many of them as possible into the human population, in order to generate more of this thing called profit.

It is a behavior rooted in what most worldly religions call one of the seven deadly sins- aka greed.

But we aren’t going there just now, however linguistically and orthography wise it is fascinating to observe the concatenation of the word “profit” which to most means an incredible godlike mystical person who had all the answers and is at utter peace, samadi, satsang, or interpersonal nirvana.

This is one of the ways the “profit motive” is sold subconsciously as a social concept and used for human organization, via Neuro Linguistic Programing.

In N.L.P, we call it “keystoning.”

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