i may stop referencing the day number, i may continue that..

i really enjoy doing that but i have to look it up, when i’m not using my linux laptop, which is not common these days and i just wanted to write a short entry.

I came over to my parents house to do some laundry, since they live down the street from where I live (well it’s a few miles but it’s close enough. and their machines dont have tide and stuff that i’m allergic to in them, like the ones at my complex. so that’s a good thing. but this entry is me trying to do something while i’m waiting for laundry, in the computer world, because oooh lets just mentally bounce all over the place.

what i really wanted to say is i screwed up the mobile office implementation and did not bring the mouse. i have the ipad and keyboard, but that’s not entirely as useful as i wanted it to be, i have no idea how people use these things without an input device or both.. it greatly enhances the thing, and i always felt the ipad was missing something, and had great potential to be a replacement for a computer, for day to day things, but they took years to develop the pencil, and the ability in the software to add the mouse and keyboard.

but now that it’s here i rarely actually use the laptop for most things, even as screwey as mobile safari is, it’s pretty competent for most things...

that being said, i can totally read an ebook i think in here, but its not going to be as fun as say, doing this with a mouse. i forget if goodreader has a setting for going from one page to the next with the keyboard versus the mouse or tapping.

^ this is the current interest of the moment. i will have to look into that.

=) um, yeah there’s that. and okay! that’s all for now doc!

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth