finally something post worthy ! as spoken in a FB comment to my friend Jared.

Jared Ratner because nobody would believe that this was potentially even going on without something to read. i could not find a better source, but i also am fairly source agnostic and just link things because the context of the story is more important than the container, in most cases, although sometimes the boat it’s driven in on, is ridden with flies. so i understand where you are coming from entirely 🙂

also, this whole thing about veneer of social legitimacy is kind of funny to me- because it has always come from the base assumption that people cannot reason and ration and employ logic for themselves, (which is mostly true), but it’s terribly insulting, and people will never grow that way- with a promulgation base assuaging them into that kind of corner, they will always be and act a baby.

i’d rather people grow, and sometimes that involves getting dung on the boots, and face, so i just use whatever link i find, because it’s more representative generally of how i think the real world should operate. “there _is__ entropy.” to pretend otherwise and make everything in tidy boxes imho is a fools errand, and a symptomology of an ego that needs to learn safe boundaries around fear,

but i generally spend entirely too much time thinking about human psychology and process driven ideological/sociological contextual meta frameworks, so this is my own personal problem, as it were to be ass deep in this kind of thinking most of the time.


no harm intended, clearly. you did bring up the above which i feel is largely ignored, so i wanted to present the above.

while technology is wonderful i feel it is actually largely responsible for people having the narrow problematic worldview egress presented earlier in my thoughts above.

as always, thanks Jared – you’re a good egg. hope your new york afternoon is proceeding swimmingly well.

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