Can you feel the thunder?

WE are a lot free'r than we think... Than it seems..Can you feel it?

If not, I believe we will start to soon enough..

Back when I was in high school, I noticed something important, that has guided much of how I analyze theory over the last 20+ years. Most of the things the government says they're doing, they're definitely not doing, and most of the things they say they don't do, they definitely do. Most of the things they promise, will not be delivered, or most of the things they promise, will be delivered only on their terms, with a twist, a hook, and in a not useful way. Mostly, most of the things they say, are not going to occur, and they're just pumping people full of fear, and rules, and regulations, and EXPECTATIONS – because when they get up to the plate and actually do something, with the intent to get people to follow along with them, the actual thing is still bad, but not nearly as bad as the thing they've pumped everyone up to believe.

BUT! This is all age of pisces sorcery, and we've entered a new age – the age of aquarius.. The gateway for this kind of behaviour has closed, and what I mean by that is quite simple as well. Cosmo-logically, a great deal of things occur which guide a great deal of things down here, electromagnetically, causally, and effectually.. The stars and the positions of the “planets” form a great deal of the electromagnetic influential matrix down here on earth, which has always (well for the last 2,150 years or so, been used against the interests of the common good, or quite obviously to enforce a world where “money” and “scarcity” and “power” and “authority” are things that are not generally in line, ever with that which we would actually wish to see in this world, if we were all left to our own devices, in a more organic, natural playing field..

Lets keep this simple. all their noise, is all a lie..

The stuff that's going on all around the world , is the 'powers that be' .... it's their last battle cry. They are no longer in control. They are no longer in charge. The age of pisces has passed. The quantum mechanics and logic of this is a bit deep, and am still working on encapsulating it in an understandable fashion..

The main point is this though, They've lost the edge that allows them to play the game how they've been playing it, and are no longer the unstoppable force they once were. It was always illusions, smoke and mirrors, but the underlying quantum mechanics of the universe have shifted such that now all they have the power to do is to cry wolf, and largely make a big mess of things if people directly try and get in their way, and counter things with what I'll call “the old logic.”

The old logic is dog against dog,man against man, woman against woman, spy vs spy, might vs intellect, or more accurately might vs heart, or might vs spite, or mite vs holistic approach. What's really going on is such that —

If we give this all a few years, and just ignore all of their requests, they will fall apart. They will not be able to do what they do any more, and ironically, their greatest weapon, the internet, has largely failed them. So this is, why you see so many restrictions on social media... Again- stay out of the way.. The way to lose your shit and lose the battle on a personal level is to be vengeful, and spiteful, rageful and cruel. They're counting on you to fuck up like that, because they still have ways they feel they can rightfully punish you, and trick you into accepting that punishment.

Give this a few years, and the world will be born anew... People will realise moreso than ever leading up to about 2032, that the entire system they grew up in, is invaild. The closer we get to the year 2032, the more disillusioned people will become, which means they will be “waking up.” The plight to get people to “wake up” was never the answer, it was the initial charge to shock the system, but there are much greater forces at play here- the very cosmos we live under- are also changing.

Over long periods of time, the cycles of change occur at the cosmic level, and we are due for that again, in very short order here.. It's a very exciting vantage point to be alive, in this grand play..

Hold the line, and keep doing what it is that you do, keep being loving, keep being kind, keep helping others, and keep spanning the gap, doing the right thing, follow your heart, and we'll all pull through.

I guarentee it. There's a beautiful world waiting for us, and it's been under your nose the whole time. Eventually, we'll be living in a wholly new earth,

one where competition on the 'stock market' is a thing of the past, those who are old enough to remember it.. where corporate mega polluters have all gone out of business, because nobody needs or wants what they're selling any longer... A world where people are forced to learn to cooperate, and to share, or they will perish and struggle like never before.. But ! Not because the world has gotten worse or harder, but because it has gotten more natural and pure – Govts will dissolve the world over, unwravel and some will try to maintain a toe hold in various areas, but largely they will fall apart – this will leave people to learn how to live off the land and trade and cooperate with each-other...

They will become “re wilded,” in that sense, and un domesticated. It wont be like a zombie film, or a post apocalypse film, but it will be a measurable and dynamic transition... something the likes of which we haven't seen before, but a great many of us have dreamed about our entire lives...

Keep towing the line, it'll start to get good soon.

With love,

~ ~ ~

I may elaborate or re-write sections of this later.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth