How does one elaborate social media out of the slushbox of the mundane? – How does one really build something different and disruptive yet! Cohesive ?

In reading about Pleroma and Mastodon and all of these systems, it makes me wonder – are there any permutations of the textual presentation framework that aren't largely derivative of one another ?

are there any radically new ways to do this? out of the slushbox of boring and into bold new socially cohesive territory...

imagine this for a moment: you write a wall post, and the software picks a random user to post the status update on.

every time someone writes a post, it goes onto someone elses wall other than yours.

comments to posts remain inside that post, but every status message or wall post intentionally does not show up in your timeline, but rather as a one way broadcast to an entirely random persons timeline.

however, if anyone responds to that status message, then it will notify you of the comment, and you can engage in the resultant thread.

and here's the interesting catch – you can't delete other peoples posts that appear in your timeline. but you can hide them on your own timeline, from your view, if they bother you. but, they will appear on your timeline if someone else is browsing and you have hidden them.


~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth