Yesterday, I lost myself in the branches of a tree. :) I spent a good 40 minutes standing there, observing all of the living things it was supporting, the shape, color, texture, and way it was all put together… :) It was really really magical.

I was on my evening walk, and decided i wanted to experience something different. SO the first beautiful thing I saw, I stopped, and decided I would appreciate and spend time with it. It was a tree, and it was one with purple flowers, and I decided I was in love, and captivated and mystified, so I decided this was the spot.

I proceeded to stand there motionless nearly for about 40 minutes, entirely transfixed and lost / absorbed within the magic of this glorious being. It had all manner of things to say, express, and show me.

a friend after reading this, asked me if I meant “a Jacqueranda” tree, and I said I don’t know let me look.. Sure enough ! So it’s a Jacqueranda tree. Thank you Kerry.

I told it I would be back, and asked it if it wanted to see me tomorrow. It said come back anytime. I thanked her, and went home. :–)

this was not the tree, but it looks somewhat similar, in a sense. I’ll have to go take a photo of it, the next time we hang out, if it says that’s okay.

Have a great day!


I wrote a poem called “As the Tree Stands” and included it in my first book. Click read more below to see that poem.

As the tree stands: Oh silently strong glory, within thee— as I gaze upon, ... life as a tree.. You do not run, you do not fear, you stand rooted; Tall, strong, firmly in place- Standing your ground, Literally. There is much to learn, from the ways of the tree. Fearless strength, in silence. Looks inside, feels... The breeze, of awareness- Blowing acrost- the mental leaves; Of your awareness, Like a tree.. The metaphor is deeper than that, However, It's up to you, to figure it out.. Back to the tree, shall we?

That awareness... That falls and blends into.. Your consciousness, waters the foundation, of your inner tree. With each breath, you realize, you live, you walk... With the knowledge, sown- By rooting, yourself.. To your center- Your place of stillness, Your zero point, Your core of your being, Your assemblage point, Your shakti-put center, Your root chakra, Your insert metaphorical symbol here that represents a person in tune with their essence here - (See I told you words were silly!) As a tree.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth