it may be time to write a blog entry. why? i dont know either. but i know its been a few days and it wouldn’t entirely be a bad idea.

i have been thinking lately about several things and this entry may just go where my brain wants to.

hopes and dreams are never cancelled, but in the US they seem to have been procedurally cancelled, if only for a short bit. There are also people that say most of the people that are alive right now will not be alive by 2025. I do wonder quite a lot about that.

i also wonder why everyone releases videos trying to be right, or saying they’re right. oh wait i already know the answer to that one- its the ego being the ego, and protecting people who are worried about things from imploding. this is okay but it’s why you’re not supposed to take others words as dogma, generally.

there are precious few people in this world who will tell you they’re not entirely sure, and those are the ones who are your friends, or if you were to listen to anyone, those would be the folks, because they give you in a conversation the room to have your own mind and thoughts made up for yourself, and dont say blindly it’s one thing or the other. because this world is complicated and it’s usually many things at once.

at the same time, on the general dynamics of this world, hopes and dreams and goals better damn well not be cancelled because I really enjoy nature and want to move off to a piece of land somewhere, but first apparently i have to buy it but wouldn’t it be interesting if that paradigm was changing? lets think for a moment if everyone is mostly dead then are things going to still be expensive?

thats what i have been wondering lately, because things are only artificially expensive anyway, the whole of “you get a lot of something for a lot of money” is a made up concept from the get go, because money is a negentropic process in the whole anyway.. ie it’s not real and uses mathematical sorcery to do its bidding.. theres a tiny workbook put out by the chicago federal reserve called “modern money mechanics” and i suggest you read it, it will blow the fucking doors off of your brain, if you haven’t ever seen it. basically there is a lot of money out there, and for every money printed, they generate LOTS more by a process called deposit expansion. this is how the economy grows, sadly, but it’s all artificial,and all on paper..

it really is a house of cards where people play into the thing and are all “locked in” so to speak, because they assume mentally that they are responsible for part of the debt, but by even playing the game,they are indeed trading in debt instruments (which are otherwise known as bank notes,or dollars) because they are actually holding a negative value, because of the deposit expansion process. so each dollar is automatically worth 1/100,000 (as an example) and can never be repayed, by design, in the grand scheme of the whole thing.

of course person to person trading is an assumed process because people are not aware of this, but the process by which you have gotten those dollars has been adjusted to be a part of the game.

read modern money mechanics, it will blow your mind.


^ page 11- modern money mechanics

get your own copy here >>> modern money mechanics, a federal reserve workbook

also, i’d still like a chunk of land, but let me also get back to what i had opened this thing to say,

which was something along the lines of it’s a beautiful morning, and i’ve forgotten what it was that I wished to say. So I will report that I have put on 16 pounds of muscle, in the last month just by modifying my diet, and walking! So instead, here’s a photo I thought was really cool but did not take:


also, next month i will do my best to open up an orgonite store, which i hope is wildly successful, so i can get my ass onto a nice chunk of land and out of the city. it would be a humble honor if you would please help me succeed in this endeavor.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth