oh yeah, i signed up for some of this shit by being born.. what fcking planet do i live on right now? (which version of earth)? i bring you discongruent meta analysis with deeply veiled icky not created by me-


found on the fediverse. (independent internet twitter type thing). ((( my comment: this is SO weird.. )) ok. screw that, listen to elliott smith’s 1994 album cop and speeder- title isn’t ironic intentionally (instead) because it’s pretty great 4/4 tempo hard hitting rock with intriguing but simple negative space inflection with the drummer on the fourth beat ,

and that time signature is at least predictably soothing to everyone from ages 55-38 and yeah. hi.

My name is Ramo / Omar / and you know that you want to listen to some good rock music right now, so click this link >>>>

then fire this up, kick back and actually ignore everything and listen to the lyrics, then reflect on the year this was released. 1994..


~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth