159-2021-tidy-boxes-and-spiky-ones tiny boxes and tidy boxes, who’s boxes are clean and who’s boxes are generating spike proteins?

*** let it be said straight out of the gate that i am not passing judgement on the vaccinated, i do respect them, and this article is about something i was wondering about today and the day before..*** proceed

derp de derp.. so it’s been stated in several places that the spike proteins migrate to the ovaries and testes, once they’ve liberated themselves from the injection site, in the arm… (you would be amazingly dumb to assume they stay there, because the thing goes into your blood, and your blood is a moving circulating thing..) but that was not the point, please continue reading..

if you hadn’t considered that you may spread things like vaccines through your bodily fluids, you probably have been one of those persons who has never accidentally encountered blood during a sexual experience, no matter how gentle one is it’s bound to happen eventually. the minute you see it, that changes everything and you cannot un-think the possibility that something, something in them could now be on or inside of you. In some regard.

before I unleash the main point I will use the more tag


(image credited to: https://prace-ri.eu/)

okay so the main point is as follows- if you share bodily fluids or intercourse loveliness with someone who has been vaccinated, and you are unvaccinated, or don’t wish to be exposed, tough shit, you were just exposed. The real issue here though, is a bit more bifold..and complicated.

If this thing is as shitty as a large number of people who hold degrees in medical sciences think it may be, then people are likely pissing and shitting these proteins out as well, but most likely in a far more limited fashion, unless you’re out there, being highly unsanitary.

(i’m not even going to get into this one because you may never go outside again if you understood how few people actually washed their hands adequately in a public restroom and then say, went grocery shopping.)

but lets assume that its possible (because it appears to be) that one may pee and poop out the spike proteins, once there’s a saturation of them inside the ovaries and testes.

That means that if you’re drinking reclaimed water, or water that has been recycled (like they do in most of Los Angeles County), you may or may not be in deep shit.

It makes me wonder, because of things like heat treatment, and to what degree the proteins are heat stable before denaturing or lysing (exploding,) among other such particulars..

this was not a fun thing to think about, and i’d prefer to maintain and cling to the notion that i may indeed find a mate one day that has not had the thing, and maintained a careful ledger of whom they have and haven’t had intimate physical contact with, or shared cups and dishes with at a meal, and has been careful to keep themselves away from swapping fluids with those who have been vaccinated…

there’s nothing wrong with vaccination in general, besides the fact that it simply hardly ever works correctly, but the game has been upped this time around, because these are the first series of vaccines that have been specifically designed to modify ones RNA. RNA is the messenger aspect, but nevermind… This post never happened!

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth