2021-06-04 02:01:11 AM

so here we are in the year 2021, when dating is odd… its all been computerized, and algorithmically determinant. You may not realize it, but it/and the rest of the world is/has become far more programmed than one may think…

The computer shows you who/what it wants to, it presents things under buttons,boxes, profiles tidy little squares with labels..

The effect/affect on the mind is irrefutably per-mutated, twazzled and twisted all up and about.. This modern world is very ordered and structured, the patterns are irrefutable to those who can see them.

irrefutable. Inscrutible? No. Indefatigable..
okay, well then, where does this leave things?

In a strange place, that’s where.

*The algorithms sort your world invisibly without you even realizing the largess untoward and unto-which way the maths have made every-little-thing go or not appear, there-abouts.. That’s the tall and short of it. *


I cannot say that I like it. I remember back in the day, when I lived in San Francisco (and it may still be like this up there, but I’m not certain) you used to be able to hop on the bus, ride around and meet people on the bus itself! Or just out at Golden Gate park…


Granted this was in the pre-facial diaper period of recent history, and that likely changes things a bit since most people think you’re going to get the bird skurvy from just hanging out with someone or touching them, because they don’t understand science, and watch tv.


Also, don’t fashion me in a pidgeon hole I don’t belong in, I have to have some fun with the situation otherwise I’m literally going to just tell everyone what I actually think, and they won’t be able to handle the raw truth of it. so I’d rather vent in veiled platitudes of humor and grey scale verisimilitudes than bother to actually let everyone know what I’m really thinking. This is easier, I promise.


Also, this entry is incomplete.. but it may be edited and expanded upon later…

Oh yeah, I wanted to offer up some thought I had about hemp crete…

I feel the lumber market is being held artificially high to encourage all this hemp biomass from the past few years cbd rush to form a new market.. i see too many weird patterns in markets to just be wrong all of the time but im probably wrong some of the time.. but these occurances are usually not coincidental..

Hemp has an extremely high carbon sequestration affinity… also the warn on carbon is a war on human life not climate change.. take too much c02 out of the atmosphere and we all may cook to death if shit gets out of hand, its not going to offset this bullshit global warming thing but enhance it.. i will stop there.. i dont like this particular pulpit.. think of what the ocean does with c02.. for the answer to the riddle.. “nuff said

.. has something to do with carbon sequestration.. just watch it all roll out.. govt credits and tax breaks for green housing purchases or producers, initially, if i am correct. Or some type of carrot, see also: draught, etc…

see also: grift: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental,_social_and_corporate_governance

—- okay, I think we’re safely done for now..

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth