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not that i’m any authority here, (i’m not) but it seems to me that even if the lab is safe, synthesizing the genome of a virus that wiped out tens of millions of people from 1918 is a really stupid idea.

Well, they did it anyway.. Because curiosity killed the cat, I gander. I really don’t know what they were thinking, but well pardon me I’m just surprised… This is foolish, but they probably thought it was smart because they could use “modern tech” to see some things, and well, what if it escapes? What if there’s a freak accident in the lab and it gets out? ***What if it’s intentionally let out? dun dun dun! I don’t know man..

I just really hate reading this kind of shit.. Not that they’re ever going to stop.. The march of science and technology and bumblefuck stupidity (again pardon me), is relentless…


^ Here’s the 19 page pre-press from the research…

and here’s a short summary:


The 1918 influenza pandemic was the deadliest respiratory pandemic of the 20th century and determined the genomic make-up of subsequent human influenza A viruses (IAV). Here, we analyze the first 1918 IAV genomes from Europe and from the first, milder wave of the pandemic. 1918 IAV genomic diversity is consistent with local transmission and frequent long-distance dispersal events and in vitro polymerase characterization suggests potential phenotypic variability. Comparison of first and second wave genomes shows variation at two sites in the nucleoprotein gene associated with resistance to host antiviral response, pointing at a possible adaptation of 1918 IAV to humans. Finally, phylogenetic estimates based on extended molecular clock modelling suggests a pure pandemic descent of seasonal H1N1 IAV as an alternative to the hypothesis of an intrasubtype reassortment origin.

The following above paper is licensed under the following license: CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license.

** I don’t get it man…**


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