2021-05-16 02:45:22 AM

this is the quicknote function in MDwriter… or whatever it’s called.

I wanted to write a random blog entry, and I feel I may do that.

hello there, world, how are you doing this evening? I feel you need to know that it’s a beautiful time to be alive, and that you should consider doing something that makes you happy.


it goes a long way, and do something that makes someone else happy too.

give a smile, give a compliment, open a door, genuinely listen to someone.

anything is better than nothing and it all goes a long long way.

here’s a photo I took at the beach today:

it’s 8.8 megs and PNG, so it may take a moment to show up. the lyft driver on the way back was amaaazing to talk with, and i think perhaps i made a new friend! we talked about stand up comedy, art, consciousness, and a bunch of other stuff. check out his work here:

Jimtheditor on twitter

I told him about mastodon, he loved the idea.

oh, and also i have ordered some herbs. they’re on the way.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth