123-2021-so-today-has been what old people call “taking it easy.”

the funny thing is nobody ever intends to take it easy when they are a perfectionist type, but they often need to, because we tend to drive ourselves into the wall, up the wall, and through it...

so days where you “take it easy,” are nice and unexpectedly welcome.

I wanted to say to all my friends in Texas to remain safe and hope they are free and clear of tornado stuff.

Also, sometimes you hear that eh there was no point to this: This didn’t make sense.

I’ll come back to this later.

The apple pencil came, and the case came for the ipad, so I am stoked on these two things. It’s now protected properly. :)

Reviews and Photos from the Unpackaging sometime soon. Thanks Michael, it’s really beautiful.

I got the 12.9” vintage ipad case from www.mac-case.com :–)

hand made. built to last a life time.

~ Ramo / Omar / Doctor-Beans / citizen of earth